Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Pine Cove’s Outdoor Education program is known as the Institute of Wilderness Studies (IWS). We have worked with districts from around the state to create a curriculum for grades 4-6 that is TEKS based and reinforces what teachers teach in the classroom.

When you attend Pine Cove IWS, our trained staff teach all of the classes and activities so teachers and parents are able to build relationships with their students while they are on site. Our cabins are heated and air conditioned and each cabin has its own private bathrooms and showers. All meals are cooked on site and take place in our fantastic dining facility.

Every trip we offer is customized to the school’s needs. Teachers are able to choose which activities they participate in. Trip lengths can be customized to between day trips and 2 night stays. Our school relations coordinator works with each school individually in order to make sure you get the perfect trip.

One of our goals is that Pine Cove IWS is affordable and that all schools are able to attend. We offer a scholarship program for schools that have financial hardships. Based on the percentage of students your school has on free and reduced lunch, your school could receive a scholarship of up to 50% of the total cost.

Proven Results

Students who attend Outdoor Education at Pine Cove receive a significant educational benefit that lasts long after they return home. See a detailed study of the program's impact on Tyler ISD students TAKS scores.

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