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Justin Borne-Again - Episode 2

Justin Borne-Again - Episode 2 [1:38]

Justin is still on the run from Handler, who still insists

that he means him no harm.
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Pickleball (Larry Steamroller)

Pickleball (Larry Steamroller) [3:02]

The world-famous Pickleball Champion, Larry Steamroller

(you probably know who he is), shares his tactics with th ...
Views: 331  ::   Tags: Crier Creek, 2011

Justin Borne-Again Trailer

Justin Borne-Again Trailer [0:38]

Check out the action packed trailer for the skit video from

our 2012 Men's Conference! Starring: Fish Face, Opa! and ...
Views: 303  ::   Tags: Conference, Fish Face, Opa, 2012

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Ranch Promo

Ranch Promo [12:14]

Check out all the fun you can have at the Ranch this

summer: horses, skate park, zip lines, theme nights, and ...
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Ranch Barn Swing

Ranch Barn Swing [00:36]

Check out the Ranch's newest activity, the Barn Swing!

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Shores Facilities Tour

Shores Facilities Tour [3:04]

Happee Camper gives us the low down on what Shores has to

offer. From our awesome cabins, to our extra comfortable ...
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The Adventures of Montana Mike

The Adventures of Montana Mike [1:57]

He's a rough and tough adventurer in search of ultimate

treasure. This will surely the next big block buster! Pro ...
Views: 1,284  ::   Tags: Ranch, 2009, Fun, Funny, ...

Skit'lz - 'Nuf Said

Skit'lz - 'Nuf Said [2:51]

Skit'lz feat. Himself. The music video that took the world

by storm and launched the career of a pop sensation.
Views: 614  ::   Tags: Shores, 2003, Fun, Skitlz

2010 Splash Competition

2010 Splash Competition [0:47]

Every week this summer our Bluffs Family Camp had a splash

competion. Dad's of all ages put on their best and brough ...
Views: 930  ::   Tags: Bluffs, Fun, Pool, Snoop Clog, ...