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Justin Borne-Again - Episode 1

Justin Borne-Again - Episode 1 [4:23]

Justin wakes up in the woods with no memory of who he is or

how he got there. The only information he has comes from ...
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Pickleball (Larry Steamroller)

Pickleball (Larry Steamroller) [3:02]

The world-famous Pickleball Champion, Larry Steamroller

(you probably know who he is), shares his tactics with th ...
Views: 331  ::   Tags: Crier Creek, 2011

Why the Forge?

Why the Forge? [10:36]

The Forge's Matt Lantz and Jake Collins talk about why the

Forge is worthwhile to our college summer staff.
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Shores Overview

Shores Overview [3:39]

True or False: The food at camp is awful! Fact or Fiction:

Nothing more exciting than lanyard crafting awaits during ...
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Ranch Barn Swing

Ranch Barn Swing [00:36]

Check out the Ranch's newest activity, the Barn Swing!

Views: 11,066  ::   Tags: Ranch, Activities, 2010

Outback Promo

Outback Promo [5:24]

Our summer staff answer some frequently asked questions

about the Outback, its activities and staff. Production B ...
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2010 Splash Competition

2010 Splash Competition [0:47]

Every week this summer our Bluffs Family Camp had a splash

competion. Dad's of all ages put on their best and brough ...
Views: 936  ::   Tags: Bluffs, Fun, Pool, Snoop Clog, ...

The Adventures of Montana Mike

The Adventures of Montana Mike [1:57]

He's a rough and tough adventurer in search of ultimate

treasure. This will surely the next big block buster! Pro ...
Views: 1,286  ::   Tags: Ranch, 2009, Fun, Funny, ...

Leroy Poncentrane 1

Leroy Poncentrane 1 [03:41]

A Big Time Name. The life and aspirations of an

enthusiastic tetherball player. Production By: Tortoise a ...
Views: 1,671  ::   Tags: Bluffs, 2006, Fun, Fezzik, ...