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Author: Mikaleh Offerman

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Mikaleh Offerman

Former Summer Staff

Mikaleh served as a summer intern at Pine Cove. She is a student at Oklahoma Baptist University studying journalism. Besides writing, she loves being with her family (plus her two cats), and singing loudly to Disney songs. Working at Pine Cove has shown her exactly how to develop her passions for the glory of God.

Staff Profile: Rebecca “Deemer” Smith

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Jul 18, 2018


Rebecca “Redeemer Retriever” Smith went to Auburn University and graduated in 2011 with a degree in psychology and a minor in human development and family studies. She currently works as a regional director for Pine Cove’s Camp in the City (now called Pine Cove City), and loves investing in her staff and campers. As her […]

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Wranglers: An Inside Look

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Jul 10, 2018


It’s 4:50 a.m. and the wranglers are already at the barn, ready to call in the horses and start the day. It’s still dark outside, but the early rays of morning sun are just starting to creep across the sky. “The barn is like our house and we’re inviting campers over everyday, so in order […]

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How to Bless a Summer Staffer

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Jun 20, 2018


Working at Pine Cove is a fun, life-changing experience. Staffers spend all week pouring their time and energy into campers. Often we get asked how to bless our hard-working staff during their summer. Here are a few suggestions for the best way to bless a summer staffer. Pray for them! Camp is fun, but it’s […]

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Peek Inside a Skit Closet

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Jun 12, 2018


Pine Cove skits are legendary at camp. Throughout the years, thousands of skits have been performed during meals with even more skit characters taking the stage to entertain campers. Characters have unique combinations of clothing, put together from the skit closet. Every camp, including Camp in the City teams, have their own skit closet, which […]

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Staff Profile: Grant “Judge Juicy” Seifried

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted May 29, 2018


Grant “Judge Juicy” Seifried is Pine Cove’s Senior Director of Staffing. He graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in international studies and a minor in economic studies. After graduating in 2009, he went through the Forge program, had an awkward encounter with the woman who would later become his wife (keep reading for more […]

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How to Spot a Pine Cove Staffer in the Wild

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted May 23, 2018


Outside of their natural habitat (camp), it can seem daunting to try to identify a Pine Cove staffer. You may be asking yourself, “Self, why do I need to identify Pine Cove staffers in the wild?” Well, Self, perhaps you’re interested in learning more about Pine Cove, or you’re curious about the way staffers act […]

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Staff Profile: Brandon “Bomb Squawks” Gray

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Mar 20, 2018


Brandon “Bomb Squawks” Gray is the Outback Men’s director. He graduated in 2016 from Wheaton College with a degree in interpersonal communication and Christian education. He worked at camp for five summers before joining resident staff, originally as a Camp in the City site director (now called Pine Cove City). His college roommate and best […]

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It’s Time to Treat Yourself to an FOB

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Feb 28, 2018


Just because camp isn’t in session doesn’t mean you can’t take time to rest. We all deserve some time to relax and take a breather. Parents, raising kids is hard! You deserve a few moments of peace and quiet. If you’re not sure what those two words mean, then you’re in the right place because we’re about to […]

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Staff Profile: EJ “Pops” Hibbler

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Jan 15, 2018


EJ “Pops” Hibbler graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in broadcast journalism. He also has a masters in meteorology. Pops currently serves as a Pine Cove City Site Director for team E. He really loves sweet tea and is a hilarious storyteller. What did you want to be when you grew up? I […]

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The Ministry of Work Crews

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Dec 4, 2017


At Pine Cove, there’s no way we could do everything for our guests alone. That’s why we rely on weekend volunteers called Work Crews! (If you’ve been here during the summer, you know we also have Work Crews in the summer, mostly from a rotation of counselors, and our staff love getting to serve campers […]

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