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Crier Creek is Ready for Summer!

by Rebecca SmithPosted Apr 2, 2013

Campers on the Battle Barge

Spring has sprung at camp, and with each passing day we are more excited about summer! Check out some of the exciting things that have been changing around camp! We can’t wait for you to experience them this summer!

Cabin ramp

Recently, the deck at White Tail Lodge has expanded, which will allow for easier access into the dining hall.  We have also revamped our sidewalks from the porch of White Tail Lodge all the way to the cabins around the lake! It is our hope to continue new sidewalks throughout camp in the coming years as well.

Side walks

One of most popular attractions this summer was our wakeboarding system. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what that means, it allows for boatless wakeboard experience by using a powered cable system that stretches the length of the lake. It allows participants to wakeboard more easily so that all members of the family can wakeboard, whether you are a world champion or a novice. We loved it so much this summer that we added second system for double the fun! In case you missed it, check out this video of Shaun Murray, a four-time World champion wakeboarder, showing off his skills on our wakeboard system this past summer! Who knows, maybe you could be a future wakeboarding world champion in the making!

Camper wakeboarding

Need another way to stay cool in the summer? No problem, we’ve upgraded our paddle boats and replaced them with YOLO Boards and added a Battle Barge in the lagoon. The YOLO Board (that does indeed stand for the phrase “You Only Live Once”) is designed as cross between a canoe and a surf board. However, no need to have surfing skills for the YOLO Board, and no experience necessary!

The Battle Barge is designed for a ultimate in water competitions. Participants battle each other  in order to knock one another off into the water below. Be quick on your feet to be the last one standing!

While we are hard at work updating camp and getting ready for the summer, know that we are also spending time in prayer. We pray that God will begin to prepare your hearts for the plans He has in store for this summer and we are excited to see hearts seeking after Him and families united for the gospel!

Rebecca Smith

Camp in the City Regional Director

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