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Friend Requests at Pine Cove

by Lea RittenhousePosted Mar 12, 2015

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We know that campers love to be in the same cabin with their friends. So here at Pine Cove, we’ve carefully (and prayerfully) created a cabin mate request system to handle this. Our intention is to create the best environment and experience possible for all campers — those coming alone or with friends. We want every camper to have the best week of their year, believing the ultimate camp experience is to connect with Jesus.

When and how can I make a cabin mate request?

After your camper is registered for camp, you can find the cabin mate request form under the optional forms section of your account. You will need to create a cabin code and give that same code to all four campers who will share that code. If you were given a code, you’ll just need to enter that code!

Log in to your account to complete your cabin mate request.

How many friends can be together in a cabin?

Our policy is no more than four total campers can request to be in the same cabin. If you have more than four campers in your group, we suggest the group split into two groups so each camper has friends. While we want your camper to enjoy their friends, our focus is ultimately on what we believe is the goal of camp: maturing faith. We believe choosing to limit cabin requests to four per cabin sets the cabin up for success—giving an opportunity for unity within the whole group and with the counselor.

The heart of this rule is best explained with the perspective of the camper coming alone in view. With about eight campers per cabin, we want to avoid a minority of campers in the cabin who don’t know each other.

What about coming alone?

About half of our campers come alone, and have plenty of opportunities to make friends after they arrive! However, one of the common reasons parents end up canceling their child from camp is their child doesn’t have anyone to go with them.

Check out a related blog post by Pine Cove’s former Executive Director of Ministries, Kevin East, about sending your camper alone to camp.

Here are some benefits of sending your camper to camp on their own:

  1. Coming to camp alone helps campers develop independence in a safe environment with counselors who guide them toward truth.
  2. Coming to camp alone encourages the camper to focus on other people, promoting selflessness.
  3. Coming to camp alone creates the opportunity for spiritual independence.

What does this look like for Camp in the City?

It’s exactly the same! We call them “Group Requests,” but they work just the same as cabin mate requests, as explained above.

If you have any questions about cabin mate requests, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (877) 474-6326. We are so excited to have your camper with us this summer!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on May 17, 2013.

Lea Rittenhouse

Former Staff

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