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Theme Night Costume Tips and Tricks

by Jesse GarnerPosted Oct 21, 2013

Camper Theme Night Costume

Theme nights are one of the best parts of a week at Pine Cove. What makes theme nights so fun? It’s not just the epic games, competitions, or hilarious videos. It’s getting to dress up in a cool costume! We just released our theme nights for 2014, and since October is a month where many people are already thinking about costumes, we thought we would post some guidelines for how to have the best summer theme night costumes.

Fit the costume to the theme night

The main consideration with your costume must be the kind of theme night that you are wearing it for. Is it a night game that involves moving around outside? Make sure your costume will allow you to move and not block your vision. It also shouldn’t be too hot – you’ll be outside in the summer! You may need to lay down in the woods to avoid getting caught, so don’t let your costume be the reason you are found. In the same way, if it’s a dance theme night, you’ll be inside, which means you can be a little crazier, but you’ll still want to dance.

Think outside the box

As you consider your costume, feel free to think outside the norm. One year we had a family camp speaker family dress up for “Put Me In, Coach” in tourist outfits instead of sports gear. Why? They said they were getting on the airplane and wanted us to “put me in coach” class. Hilarious!

Simple is fine

Sometimes moms get a little stressed by the idea of having to have elaborate costumes for four or five different theme nights over the week. Don’t worry about it! Often the best costumes are the simplest. Find one great piece – a hat, a vest, a wig, a pair of crazy glasses – and build the rest of the costume around it with basics. If you want to go all out, pick one theme night with the least amount of moving around and go crazy with that one.

Make or get your costumes together

This can be such a great way for parents and campers to get some time together! Go shopping together at after-Halloween sales, or go get supplies and make your costume or costumes one night together for a family activity. Your camper will probably remember the time you spend together putting together costumes than they will what they actually wear.

We hope these are some helpful tips as you put costumes together. If you would like some inspiration, check out our 2014 Theme Night Costume Inspiration board on Pinterest. Remember – don’t stress – this is for fun!

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Jesse Garner

Director of Camper Engagement

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