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WhatSUP at the Woods?

by Jenny SowersPosted May 8, 2013

Campers on the lake

As I have mentioned, on occasion, there are definitely days at work that I simply cannot believe I get paid to do what I get to do. Recently we definitely had another one of those days.

We are in a constant state of planning and dreaming and brainstorming for how to make camp better, and, as a result, there are times when we need to buy cool new things. After several conversations about this, I am pleased to inform everyone that the Woods has added Stand Up Paddleboards (or as the cool kids call them—SUPs) to our lake! And because we love safety around here, we obviously had to try them out yesterday to do a little quality control check…



We are so excited for our new activity, but even more excited to have camp full again this summer!

Signing out,
The Woods team

Jenny Sowers

Former Staff

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