Conferences: Mother/Child

Tween Mother/Son (Grades 5-8)

Pine Cove invites you and your son to a unique conference focused on the tween years, when a tween is no longer a little child but is not quite a teenager. In our society, the tween years can be some of the most difficult for youth and their parents alike. Our speakers will help parents and tweens learn how to navigate these challenging years with peace and confidence. Moms and their sons will be able to focus on each other, gain some tools for this special stage of life, and grow closer to God.

Conference Details

  • Dates: February 09-11, 2018
  • Location: Pine Cove Ranch in Tyler, TX (view map)
  • Speaker: Candy Gibbs, Executive Director, Carenet Pregnancy Centers & Mentoring Programs, Amarillo TX
  • Price: $122/mother $94/son

Free Time Activities

  • Zip Lines
  • Barn Swing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Canoes
  • Camp Store
  • Tether Ball
  • and much more...

About Candy Gibbs

Candy Gibbs is the Executive Director of Carenet Pregnancy Centers & Mentoring Programs in Amarillo, Texas. She is the author of Rescue, Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture. Working with a group of young "Lifeguards", Candy gives wisdom, encouragement, and practical tips for parents wading into the murky waters of teen culture. She is also the author of Chosen and Pearls mentoring curriculum for pre-teen and teen girls, providing practical ways to guide and assist young people in living lives of purity and integrity in all areas. With a degree in Psychology from West Texas A&M University, Candy has served as the national co-chair for the Campaign for Life in America.

A national speaker, Candy Gibbs loves sharing with parents giving insight and encouragement for raising young people to live lives of purpose in a difficult culture. Her information is practical and timely and has been featured in articles for various publications and websites across the country. Candy hosts "The Truth of the Matter," an Amarillo based radio program and has been a guest on the nationally syndicated talk show "Parent Talk" with Randy Carlson.

Candy and her husband of 18 years Brian, reside in Bushland, Texas along with their daughter Madi 14, son Jake 16, adult son Tanner, a precious daughter-in-law Whitney, grandson Bracen, and granddaughter Bayler.

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