When you attend a Pine Cove conference, you won't be staying at some run down cabin out in the woods. All of our camps offer beautiful, modern, comfortable facilities. At Pine Cove you will be surrounded by the beauty of nature, while still enjoying the comforts of home. The photos below will give you an idea of what our various camps have to offer.

Silverado Dining Hall Exterior

Here's a dining hall from, one of our camps, Silverado.

Silverado Dining Hall Interior

Here's the Silverado dining hall on the inside.

Shores Cabin Exterior

Here's a cabin at the Shores camp.

Shores Cabin Interior

Here's the Shores cabin sleeping area.

Shores Bathroom Interior

Here's the Shores cabin bathroom.

Here's a cabin from the Woods camp.

Crier Creek Big Horn Meeting Room

Here's a meeting room at Crier Creek.

Silverado Meeting Room Interior

Here's a meeting room at Silverado.

Ranch Gymnasium and Stage

Here's the gymnasium at the Ranch camp.

Here's the coffee shop at the Bluffs camp.

Crier Creek Pool

Here's the swimming pool at Crier Creek.