Outdoor Ed: What to Bring

Old Clothes

It is important for you to bring the right type of clothing and equipment to make your experience more enjoyable. You will get wet and dirty as you interact with the environment.


  • Sheets and Blankets or Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • 1 to 2 pairs of old tennis shoes (no sandals!)
  • 4 old T-shirts
  • Modest one-piece swimsuit (pool closed November - March)
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • 4 pairs of underclothes
  • 2 pairs of old jeans
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • Jacket
  • Rain Gear
  • Flashlight
  • Bible (Private Schools Only)
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Toiletries
  • Shower Shoes
  • Washcloth and Towel
  • Water Bottle
  • Camera (optional)
  • Spending money ($30 is suggested)

Do NOT bring the following:

  • Cell Phones
  • iPod
  • Radio
  • CD Player
  • Electronic games
  • Knives or Multi-tools
  • Shaving cream
  • Sandals

Pine Cove Dress Code:

Fashion is fun. However, we don't allow you to wear immodest clothing. Modesty will help keep people focused on the important things at camp. All grooming and apparel judgments will be left to the discretion of the outdoor education instructors and teachers.