2017 Theme Nights

Looking for some costume ideas? Check out our awesome, photo-filled inspiration board on Pinterest!


Welcome to Camp
You made it to camp and your week of relaxation is just beginning! Let us unload your car as you sign up for activities and get settled into your family cabin! Enjoy a delicious dinner and ice cream sundaes as we kick off an awesome week of camp!


Bluffs Barnyard Bash
Hay! Grab your partner and do-se-do! It’s time to head down to the farm and have some good ole fashioned barnyard fun! Whether you gallop, waddle, or saunter - doesn’t matter- just don’t miss out on this fabulous farm theme night that includes a Square Dance Party!


Date Night
Relaxation is the name of this evening, which means it’s time for an all kids dinner without the parents! They will be hanging out at their kids programs and enjoying a jam-packed evening, so that the parents need only worry about themselves. All you need to do is show up to the dining hall for a romantic dinner for two, followed by a sunset cruise hosted by our very own boat drivers.


Once Upon a Wednesday
Once upon a time, there was a family who loved seeing the greatest talents in all the land! They laughed. They cheered. They ooh-ed and ahh-ed! Join us for a talent show that will be straight from the pages of your favorite storybook or fairy tale!


Banquet Night
Everyone enjoys a classy evening, right? Parents, while your kids are off hanging out with their counselors and enjoying an evening of games and program, let us treat you to the most elegant meal of the week. At our banquet evening, dinner will be served in courses and will be topped off with some delicious dessert and time with our CEO and President, Reed “Shrimply Irresistable” Livesay!


Shoot for the Stars!
It’s an out-of-this-world competition! There will be all sorts of games and activities at the annual Bluffs carnival - all orbiting around some major fun! Don’t worry, we won’t make you eat space food - there will be plenty of burgers and hot dogs at our outdoor tailgate picnic! So put on your favorite jersey or your astronaut helmet and grab your family for a night full of universal entertainment!