Castle Rock

2016 Theme Days

The Theme Days listed below will have camp activities associated with them. It is not mandatory or necessary that campers dress up for these days but they are welcome to if they would like. Please keep in mind that if they do dress up they will be wearing the costume all day and likely running around outside. It is necessary for campers to have appropriate clothing on Thursday if they would like to participate in Buffalo Hunt. We'll be announcing the 2017 Theme Days soon. In the meantime, check out all of last summer's awesome theme days!

Monday  Welcome to Camp!

We roll out the red carpet as we welcome you to camp! Get ready to meet your counselor, do some fun activities, dive into the Bible Study, and meet some crazy skit characters! On Monday we will have a blast and introduce you to all of the fun things that camp has to offer!

Tuesday  Castle County Fair

"Tickets! Get your tickets!" Castle County Fair is pulling into town for a good old fashioned country get together. You never know who or what will show up at a county fair! Bring your A Game and get ready to test your skills and have some fun!

Wednesday  Jungle Jamboree

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! Animals abound on this day! Ears, tails, hooves, and claws are all sure to be present as Castle Rock takes on the Pine Cove Towers. Let's roam camp and use the call of the wild to live like an animal!

Thursday  Buffalo Hunt

Thursday at Castle Rock can only mean one thing... and that is BUFFALO HUNT! Once again, Chief Running Nose will lead the campers to fight the crazy buffalo in what promises to be the nastiest, dirtiest events ever! Your outfit needs to be something that you can get super gross and never want to see again. Guys just need to wear an old bathing suit, and girls need to wear an old bathing suit, with a t-shirt and pair of shorts. And don't forget, campers always win!

Friday  Closing Celebration!

What an UNBELIEVABLE week! On Friday we get to continue the fun as we look back and celebrate our awesome week! We get to sing and dance, cheer and scream as we remember what a great time we had! See you next summer!