Chimney Point

2017 Theme Nights

Looking for some costume ideas? Check out our awesome, photo-filled inspiration board on Pinterest!


Welcome to Camp
Get ready for an outstanding week filled with fun and fellowship at Chimney Point! We will jump and scream as you pull in the gates, take your luggage, and leave you care-free! Tour our property or head straight to your favorite spot. Visit your room and then enjoy your first meal at the dining hall. Next, we will have family worship and kick off our program. It is going to be an incredible week, so get ready!


Superhero Surprise
For ages there has been a debate over who is the supreme superhero. Some say Batman, some say Wonder Woman, but this year they will say… YOU. Come as a superhero that you have created and allow everyone to MARVEL at your incredible powers. Perhaps we will meet Paper Clip Girl or Baked Potato Boy, either way the possibilities are endless! Whether your costume is humorous or serious, we can guarantee that there will be comics everywhere.


Date Night
Parents, we've planned this date night for the two of you. Your kids will dine with their counselors and enjoy a night full of fun while you relax with a quiet change of pace.


Birthday Bash
“Happy Birthday dear, Campers... Happy Birthday to you!”
Your birthday DOES NOT only come once a year in 2017. In honor of Chimney Point’s first birthday, we are throwing a birthday bash for every person on the property! Bring your party hats, party shirts, and anything that you would wear at a birthday party because we have blown out our candles and wished for a good time! Chimney Point PRESENTS: the Birthday Bash. Having fun on this night is a piece of cake.


Banquet Night
Join us this evening for a dinner of laughter, great food, and even better company. Parents, you will be served by our staff as you have the opportunity to get to know other adults while our counselors have a fun-filled evening with the kids.


Chimney Point CAMPionship
At Chimney Point you will have the chance to score some Chimney Points as you represent for any sports team that you would like. Come celebrate with carnival games, awards for the week, and family fun while wearing your favorite team’s gear! If we don’t see you MANNING up in your apparel for the CAMPionship then our hearts are going to Aikman. Don’t DROP THE BALL and miss out on this night because it is guaranteed to be amazing. You can FULL COUNT on that.