Crier Creek

2017 Theme Nights

Looking for some costume ideas? Check out our awesome, photo-filled inspiration board on Pinterest!


Happy 50th Birthday Pine Cove
50, let’s count ‘em! Celebrate half a century of Pine Cove camping with this throwback welcome to camp. No costumes are necessary as we enjoy dinner together, finding out what cabins we’ll be in all week, and trading stories by the fire. We’re starting the week off right with this birthday celebration!


Bubba's Barnyard Bash
Come on in y’all, the barn door’s open! Get ready for a boot-scootin’ good time with Bubba and friends at the rowdiest rodeo this side of the creek. Grab your boots, camo, and buck teeth for a mud-slingin’, hoof-stompin’, tractor-racin’ Barnyard Bash that you’ll never forget!


Date Night
Parents, we've planned this date night for the two of you. Your kids will dine with their counselors and enjoy a night full of fun while you relax with a quiet change of pace.


Goodnight, sleep tight, and get ready to party just right! We’re leaving the night-lights on for this Pajama-Rama with pillow fights and plenty of laughs to go around. So throw on those flannels, jump into that onesie, or find your favorite snuggie, cause we’re partyin’ all night!


Banquet Night
Join us this evening for a dinner of laughter, great food, and even better company. Parents, you will be served by our staff as you have the opportunity to get to know other adults while our counselors have a fun-filled evening with the kids.


Stars and Strikes Forever
Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the Creek! Buy me some hot dogs and apple pie, I don’t care if I stay here all week!
Celebrate all things America with a night at the Ballpark. It’s one, two, three strikes you’re out at our camp-wide Wiffleball Championship. Break out your glove, dust off your bat, and bring your stars and stripes as we end camp with a bang!