Crier Creek

2016 Theme Nights

We'll be announcing the 2017 Theme Nights soon. In the meantime, check out all of last summer's awesome theme nights!



Welcome to Camp!
Get ready for a fantastic week filled with family fun at Crier Creek! Visit your room and then head up to White Tail Lodge for dinner. Tonight we will introduce you to our staff, both new and returning, and kick off our program for the week! The kids will have a chance to connect with their counselor and we will give you a taste of our summer theme. Get ready for the best 6 of your 365!



Time Machine Meltdown
Buckle up for a wacky trip through space and time! The White Tail Time Machine is going to take you to the past, the future, and beyond in one of the biggest history hiccups ever. Pick your favorite era, time period, or decade and get ready for a night filled with time travel, entertainment, and surprises at every stop. Cowboys and cavemen, disco dancers and dinosaurs, hover boards and hipsters- the sky is the limit! Let your imagination go wild as dreams become reality at Crier Creek!



Romantic Rendezvous
Parents, we've planned this romantic rendezvous for the two of you. Your kids will dine with their counselors and enjoy a night full of fun while you relax with a quiet change of pace.



Crier Creek Cruise Line
Set sail on a night full of adventure! The Creek Cruise-line will take you on a round- trip journey starting off with a five star dinner served in the luxurious White Tail Lodge Ballroom. Sit back as our professional waiters and waitresses host, serve, and entertain you, and be ready to take center stage as the guests of honor at our world famous Talent Show. Bring your best sailor, captain, or cruise passenger attire and get ready for a night you won’t soon forget!



Banquet Night
Join us this evening for a dinner of laughter, great food, and even better company. Parents, you will be served by our staff as you have the opportunity to get to know other adults while our counselors have a fun-filled evening with the kids.



Glow Big or Glow Home
Anything glows as we light up the Columbus sky with the greatest neon party that Crier Creek has ever seen! Grab some glow-sticks, pull out your highlighters, and get ready to flash some smiles as we end camp with a bang. Bring your bright colors of neon and you can’t forget your sunglasses because Friday night’s lookin' bright!