2017 Theme Nights

Looking for some costume ideas? Check out our awesome, photo-filled inspiration board on Pinterest!


Surfin' Sundae
Cowabunga dudes and dudettes! Head on over to the Billabong ​with​​ your Hawaiian shirt and board shorts or jump in Lake Shalom with your hula skirt and swimsuit! It's gonna be one crazy luau tonight at the Outback! After surfin' and slidin​'​ we'll have the longest sundae in Outback history. No need to say Aloha​​ as we​ will​ hula the night away!


Fifty Nifty, Happy Birthday Pine Cove!
FIFTY? Let's​ count em! It's Pine Cove's 50th birthday this summer, so pull on your poodle skirts and​ leather ​jackets as we celebrate with a 50's themed birthday party! Fonzie would be proud of the b-day games we have in store. It will be a HAPPY DAY as we twist and shout! High-pony and scrunchies to greased back hair, it will a party for the ages.


Operation Infiltration
Sneak. Spy. Slide. Stealth. Are you clever enough to not get busted? Blending in is a must for all spies, camouflage and dark clothes help you make it ​through the obstacles ​to​ save camp. Which cabin will be able make it past the villain​'​s minions and capture the bad guys to ​rescue the Outback​ and the counselors from their control​?


No one gets voted off this island...​it's​ Australia. Who will outwit and outplay at the ​Outback? This is a FULL DAY of challenges. Be ready to run and jump and win all around camp. Bandanas, sweatbands and face paint​,​ will they help you outlast the other cabins? Once the day is over, we will find out which cabin reigns supreme in our final competition. Who will be the last cabin standing?


Christmas SWEATer Fest
Christmas is too fun to only celebrate in December, so why not don your Christmas apparel one more time? We will be rockin’ around the Christmas tree all night to our favorite Christmas songs. Santa costumes, ugly Christmas sweaters and reindeer antlers, whatever puts you in the Christmas spirit​!​ Fingers crossed that Santa hears us from the North Pole and makes an appearance at the Outback!


It’s the final countdown and final night at camp, so let’s make it a big one! This is the night the oldest sheilas take on the leadership ladies in a battle of power puff football. After that, the oldest mates at camp will play for the pride and glory of the Outback in a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Wear your favorite sports jersey and come cheer on your fellow campers! We’ve been practicing all year for this, so​ you better​ bring your A-Game!