2017 Theme Nights

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Over the Hillbilly Birthday Bash
Whata ya know! Pine Cove done got 50 years old! What better way to celebrate than a good ol’ fashion birthday shindig complete with games, music, cake, and of course, lots of old friends (emphasis on OLD)! This redneck reunion only happens once every 50 years so strap up yer overalls and scoot on over ‘cause this’ll be the best darn tootin’ birthday party this side of the Mississippi!


Operation Spy Kids
TOP SECRET: Calling all agents! The Ranch needs your help! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to gather intelligence and protect Ranch headquarters from enemy infiltration. So break out the bowtie, get out the gadgets, and pick out an undercover disguise because this covert operation requires the best and brightest.


Technicolor Chaos & 7th Grade Trip
Tonight, all seventh graders will grab their towels and swimsuit to check out the Pine Cove Timbers! With activities like the lake blob, rock wall in the pool, and even banana boats, these seventh graders will get to experience a snippet of what their next summer at Pine Cove will look like.

Sixth graders, get RED-y for one crazy and colorful night of fun! Don’t miss this wacky and wonderful night or you’ll be GREEN with envy. There is no way you’ll be feeling BLUE after you get totally technicolored up! ORANGE you excited?! Don’t forget to pack some clothes that can get soaked and colored up for this night of absolute chaos!


Thrift Shop Sock Hop
Tacky shirts and poodle skirts, thrifty wear meets 50’s flare! What could be better than a night of Pine Cove dance moves and crazy costumes! Put your boogies shoes on, we’ll bring those juke box tunes.When you buy from a thrift shop and dance at the Ranch sock hop, the fun just won’t stop!


Ranch campers: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to challenge the long-standing victory streak held by the Rambo Force. In this epic battle, you will have to sneak, crawl, and camouflage your way through the Commando Forest, which is run by none other than the highly esteemed Commando Boss, JIGGS. Stay hidden and be sneaky--or else, you’ll be BUSTED!!!


Gameshow Getdown
Come on down! Friday night at the Ranch is full of fame and fortune, so dress to impress! You won’t believe it when you see the Ponderosa dining hall transformed into a fine dining establishment. You’ll have a chance to break out those open-toed shoes and fancy clothes, dig into your deluxe dinner, and experience a prestigious awards ceremony. Later, you’ll enjoy the time of your life as you kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.