Typical Day

Typical Day

Flag Raising

Wake up, sleepyhead! We celebrate our "freedom to camp" every morning.


Attention all taste buds: It's time to rise and shine. Bring on the bacon!

Bible Study

This time is great for bonding together as a small group, reading God’s Word, and learning more about Him.


The word "activities" sounds so inadequate considering the enormous potential for fun and adventure.

Lunch & Skits

Stand on your chairs and dance like crazy. Then feast on a tasty meal while a gorilla sings the Birthday Rap.


Even the most epic day at camp calls for a break. Lie “Flat On Back” (or put your “Feet On Bunk”) and recharge!

More Activities

There’s that word again! Should we call this "Incredibly Exciting Fun Time" instead?

Free Time

It's cabin-challenging, candy-snacking, high dive-blobbing, all-camp-hanging, free-for-all time!


Eat well, young camper, the night is still young. Whether it’s chicken and potatoes or pizza and pizza, it’s sure to be delicious!

Theme Nights

Q: What's more fun than sporting a costume and having a party?

A: Hundreds of friends sporting similar costumes and having a party!

Club Time

An intense time of fun, worship, and focus on Jesus Christ. Get ready to jump around and sing praises to our God all together!


Time to “Terminate All Power Sources!” Catch as many Z’s as you can, campers! All of this is going down again tomorrow...