2017 Theme Nights

Looking for some costume ideas? Check out our awesome, photo-filled inspiration board on Pinterest!


Marvel Madness
Whether you’re the hero on the courts or the hero of the skies, this battle won’t be easy as you fight for the prize. The tournament of the ages, good vs. evil is the plot. Grab your cape and your jersey; it’s time to take your shot!


The Great Timbystery of the Wild, Wild West
Throw on your boots and saddle up your horses, there’s a case to be solved, so let’s investigate the sources. From the sheriff to the ranger, at solving a crime, you are no stranger. With outlaws on the loose, and evidence to be found, the Mayor is looking to you to help save his town.


Pocket Protector Prom
Sharpen your pencils; it’s time to calculate the groove. The dance floor is the answer as you graph out each move. From the 80's to today, prom has always been full of fun. Put away the homework for the party has just begun.


Clash at Cove/9th Grade Trip
8th Graders: Aloha! In our waters blue, we need you. We’ve discovered an island and claimed it for our own, so let’s make the biggest party the world has ever known! We’ve got music, food, and an ocean ready to explore - grab your Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts and we’ll see you on onshore!

9th graders will embark on a trip to the Shores, so bring your swimsuit and towel for a sneak peek at what’s in store. Fun and excitement will define Summer 2018 - prepare yourself for an awesome adventure like nothing you’ve ever seen.


If it’s your first time at Timbers and you haven’t heard the news, this is definitely a game where CAMPERS ALWAYS LOSE! Campers, your mission- should you choose to accept, make it through the Recon forest without getting caught... It’s quite the test! Pack those dark colored clothes, your camo and face paint - it’s campers vs. counselors, and we really can’t wait!


When Friday night at the Timbers comes around, laughter and memories are sure to be found. Whether sandals and skirts or button down shirts, bring your favorite clothes and get ready for one of the very best shows. Relax and enjoy this coffee shop feel as your counselors perform acts that are sure to make the highlight reel!