Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child needs to bring medication?

All medication is turned in to the Health Center Staff during Registration on Sunday afternoon. The Health Center Staff will be responsible for administering the medication to your camper. Please check in all medications with them. Only prescription medications in their original containers will be administered by our Health Center Staff.

How often is there Biblical instruction?

The counselor leads a cabin Bible Study each morning and Biblically based "talks" are given each night from the leadership staff. The Pine Cove leadership staff writes the Bible studies and reviews them with summer staff to ensure lessons are being taught without unnecessary personal denominational views.

How do I request to have a friend in my cabin?

If you want your friends to be in your cabin, you need to complete a Cabin Mate Request. These requests will be available in your online registration account beginning March 15. You may request up to 3 friends to be in the same cabin for a group total of 4. All friends can only be one grade apart.

What if my child wants to be a cabinmate with more than three other campers?

If there are more than four total campers wishing to be housed together, the parents must decide among themselves how to split the group into two or more groups of campers.

How do I add money to my camper's camp store account?

You can log in to your registration account to put money in your camper's camp store account.

Are the cabins air-conditioned?

Yes – all of the main buildings at camp are air-conditioned.

What is an example of a “container”?

Campers may bring a large duffel, Rubbermaid tub, large suitcase, footlocker/trunk, etc. as long as it holds all of their items. The goal is to have one container that will hold all of the camper's belongings.

If my child is staying for two weeks of camp, where can he/she stay on the Saturday night between weeks?

Pine Cove is located approximately 10 miles from the heart of Tyler, Texas. The camper and his/her family could stay at any number of nice hotels in the city.

Do younger kids room with the older kids?

We have designated cabins for each grade level; however, due to the breakdown of campers registered in some weeks, there may be two back-to-back grades in one cabin.


When Can I Come?

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