2017 Theme Nights

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Mr. Merkus and his Magnificent Circus
Mr. Merkus is bringing his wacky circus to town and it's bound to be a high flyin' time, the most fun around! There will be tons of games at the arcades, circus treats to be enjoyed and so many other escapades! Dress up as your favorite circus performer, an acrobat, lion, elephant, juggler, magician or whatever you may find at a crazy circus and help Mr. Merkus in bringing the greatest show on earth to the Pine Cove Towers!


Pitch Black Attack
The posse has taken over camp again! It's up to you, campers, to win back camp! Bring your camo, tennis shoes, and sense of adventure and get ready to sneak around camp to win back the Towers because CAMPERS ALWAYS WIN.


Best of the Wild, Wild West
Yeeeeee-Haw! Put on your boots and get ready to boot-scoot-n-boogie! We are takin’ it back to the Wild Wild West, where belt buckles and cowboy hats help you look your best! Tumbleweeds galore and so much more, get ready to saddle up, there’s so much to explore!


Dash Through the Decades/5th Grade Trip
It’s time to Dash Through the Decades of a century of fun! Put on your poodle skirts and white t-shirts, or flower crowns that won’t make you frown! You can’t go wrong with bellbottoms and tie die, or scrunchies and leg warmers that go knee high! Ask your parents what they wore at your age, it will give you ideas that will last for days! There might even be a disco ball, so hurry on down, there’s no need to stall!

Hey fifth graders! Get ready for your own adventure, because you're taking a trip to the Ranch Camp on this night!


Prehistoric Palooza
Get ready to meet the Flintstones as we travel WAY, WAY, WAY BACK to the Paleolithic Age where dinosaurs and cavemen will take center stage! Only at the Towers can you walk among prehistoric beasts and explore Stone Age shenanigans that are so fun even a caveman could enjoy them! Come decked out as a kooky cool caveman or a large than life dinosaur! Whatever you come dressed as just remember to bring your club because we're gonna have a "ROCK"in' good time!


Buffalo Hunt
Chief Running Nose needs your help! Join him as he leads the campers in a battle against the buffalo of the Towers. Be prepared to get muddy and messy in the muddiest and messiest theme night ever invented. Make sure you bring something you can get really gross and never want to see again. Guys can wear an old bathing suit. Girls can wear an old bathing suit with shorts.