2016 Theme Nights

We'll be announcing the 2017 Theme Nights soon. In the meantime, check out all of last summer's awesome theme nights!



Game On
Get your game face on, and prepare to have the night of your LIFE! On this night, the Towers will have a MONOPOLY on board games, and it’ll be a DOMINO effect of fun as we BALDERDASH all over camp! (SORRY for all the puns…we know they’re kind of “par-CHEESY.”)



Pitch Black Attack
The posse has taken over camp again! It's up to you, campers, to win back camp! Bring your camo, tennis shoes, and sense of adventure and get ready to sneak around camp to win back the Towers because CAMPERS ALWAYS WIN.



Night at the Museum
Quick, shine your flashlight over there—I think the exhibits are coming to life! Get ready for some good, old-fashioned, fossilized fun. Whether you come as a pharaoh, pioneer, or museum guard, we are going to make history!



Operation Occupation/5th Grade Trip
What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher? A paleontologist? A professional disc golfer? An orca trainer?! It’s up to you! Come dressed for success on this night – but don’t worry about the cover letters!

Hey fifth graders! Get ready for your own adventure, because you're taking a trip to the Ranch Camp on this night!



Groovin’ for Gold
On your mark, get set…GO! Grab your Olympic torch and your athletic gear, and prepare for a night of fun and games as the Towers plays the Olympic fanfare in honor of the 2016 Olympics! GO FOR THE GOLD!



Buffalo Hunt
Chief Running Nose needs your help! Join him as he leads the campers in a battle against the buffalo of the Towers. Be prepared to get muddy and messy in the muddiest and messiest theme night ever invented. Make sure you bring something you can get really gross and never want to see again. Guys can wear an old bathing suit. Girls can wear an old bathing suit with shorts.