2017 Theme Nights

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You made it!
Siri says, "You are here."
Come as you are, get out of your car, and let our staff take it from here!
Get ready for a week full of fun and refreshment,
And after introducing our theme and our staff, there will be so much excitement!
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun,
Siri says, "Camp will be tons of fun!"


Holiday Hoopla
Jack-o-lanterns, Easter bunnies, and Christmas trees,
Dress up for whichever holiday you please!
Whether you prefer red and pink for Valentine's Day
Or to dress up the leprechaun's way,
There is holiday fun for everyone!


Date Night
Come moms, come dads, enjoy a dinner for two,
Sit back and relax, as our staff wait on you!
Enjoy a date night on us,
And no kids around is just a plus!


Come walk the Woods red carpet and give a wave,
Tonight is a date you'll want to save!
Feather boas, sunglasses, and ties,
Try the celebrity life on for size!
Sign some autographs in your glitz and glam,
And come be a star with the whole fam!


Banquet Night
Tonight we're gonna slow it down
With candles and dinner and your favorite gown.
The kids are away, time for the parents to play.
Put on your Sunday best and come get your fill,
because parents, this is your night to chill.


Glow with the Flow!
Whether you like neon pink, yellow, or green,
The goal is to create the brightest scene!
Come dressed in all your neon attire,
This night's gonna glow brighter than a fire!
If it is isn't neon, it shouldn't be on,
Come wear your glowing clothes on our lawn!