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Get paid to work at camp while having a blast and praising Jesus and gaining a solid community, not to mention a stack of killer photos you'll be using as your profile picture for the whole entire next year? All true. Details:

First Half

May 19 - July 1
Six Weeks

Second Half

May 19 - 27 & July 1 - Aug 13
Seven Weeks

Full Summer

May 19 - Aug 13
12 Weeks

Meals and Housing

Lodging and meals are provided throughout the summer, except for meals during time off. And not to worry: all cabins are air conditioned. (And all of our food is delicious.)

Time Off

You get time off! All of our staff is off on weekends from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon (about 24 hours). Most staffers take this opportunity to head into town to do laundry, run errands, go to church, or maybe catch a movie. (Depending on how long you work, you may also receive one additional night off during the summer.)

Sibling Discount

Not only would we love for your younger siblings to come to Pine Cove, they get to come for HALF OFF. Let's repeat that: your sibling can get a 50% discount for a week of camp! Score.
(Note: Offer applies to week 2, 6, or 10 at our Tyler youth camps, and weeks 2 or 6 at our Columbus youth camps.)


‘Community’ has kind of become a buzz word, and you're probably tempted to just skip this paragraph because you're thinking, “Sure, yeah. Community. Got it.” But hang on just a second, because community — a real, deep covenant of believers — is an area that the Lord again and again richly blesses our summer staffers with in huge, far-reaching, life-changing, friends-for-life kinds of ways.

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Professional Development

Internships and College Credit
Working for camp while getting college credit? Not too good to be true! Many of our summer staffers receive college credit for working at Pine Cove.

Looking for an internship? We not only offer a variety of Camp Internships at Pine Cove, but we also provide Partnership Intern opportunities with a network of business professionals in every industry across the country! To find out more about our internship positions, click here.

Skill Development
We hear a variety of reasons why business leaders in every industry hire Pine Cove staff. Pine Cove is a hands-on learning environment that not only provides deep spiritual growth, but invaluable life and job skills for any future career. In just one half of a summer at Pine Cove, our staff gain more than 450 hours of on-the-job training in problem solving, work ethic, interpersonal communication, and vision casting. Through focused mentorship from their Camp Director, staff acquire tangible life experiences in leadership, self-discipline, and team dynamics. Sharpening skills and developing character, we prepare and equip our staff for whatever God has called them to next.


This could be you.


Pictured: Actual camp food. Really.


During your time off, we invite you to explore the bustling metropolis of Tyler, Columbus, or Westminster.


Find your new squad at camp!


We know you've got skills. Come grow them at Pine Cove!



Will I get paid?

Most definitely. $932 if you work first half (six weeks total), $1218 if you work second half (seven weeks total), and $2150 if you work the whole summer (12 weeks total). Cha-ching.

First half... second half... I have no idea what you’re talking about. When is that?

Everyone comes to orientation, which is May 19 - 27. First half is May 28 - July 1, and second half is July 1 – August 13.

Where is Pine Cove located?

Pine Cove has physical camp properties in East Texas, Central Texas, and South Carolina. In addition, we have a traveling camp program that sets up and runs day camp all across the southeast United States. Click here to see a fun map! (Well, it’s not THAT fun, it’s like a regular map, but it’s still helpful!)

Can I get Internship Credit?

Short answer: YES! Slightly longer answer: click here.

I have a hilarious shark costume. Can I bring it with me?

You’ve come to the right place, my friend. Yes, please bring your shark costume.

Who is eligible to apply?

If you’re applying to be a college staffer you must have completed at least one year of college. To be a Counselor in Training you need to have completed high school.

Do I get time off?

Yes, absolutely! Each week you will be off from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. In addition, you get one night off per half of the summer. Go get your coffee on. Click here for more details.

What's your favorite emoji?

It's a tie between the taco and the fist bump.

Do I have to pay for housing and food or is that included?

We pay for your meals AND your housing! Pretty sweet deal. Click here for more info.

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