Camper and Staff Health Practices

Health & Safety at Day Camp


Camp in the City Health & Safety

Since 1967, Pine Cove has existed to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory. This purpose is no different in 2020. Thus, in order to prepare for effective ministry this summer at each of our Camp in the City locations across the nation, Pine Cove is taking measures, both operationally and medically, to conduct camp safely in response to COVID-19. 

First and foremost, we will rely on expert guidance for COVID-19 provided by state government and health professionals, including the CDC, with the goal of providing a safe and fun environment for campers and staff.  We will be following all guidelines released by state and local authorities for summer camp operators for each of our City locations this summer. We also understand that every family is being impacted differently by this pandemic and that you as a parent know what is best for your child. In our desire to serve you well, our cancellation policy for summer 2020 has been removed and the decision to send your child to camp in 2020 is yours. 

As parents, we want you to understand the rigorous efforts Pine Cove is taking toward protecting the health of your child. We are prepared for and have the ability to implement the following measures.

Health and Safety Message for Day Campers

Join Misty Pace, one of Pine Cove’s Registered Nurses (and a camper mom!), as she talks through some of the steps we’re taking to ensure the health and safety of our campers and staff.

If you would like to talk with one of our nurses, please let us know which camp your child is attending and email us at


Day Camp Camper & Staff Screening

  • Everyone who arrives on the first day of camp, not just campers, will be asked COVID-19 related health screening questions. And, every person in the car will be thermal scanned on arrival. Campers will be thermal scanned and checked for any COVID symptoms in the morning and during lunchtime each day.
  • All camp staff and church volunteers will be screened for prior exposure before entering camp.
  • We have the ability to perform daily thermal scans and logs.
  • Staff and campers will fill out a health questionnaire before camp to be assessed by our medical teams on their potential for risk while at camp.

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Stopping It Before It Starts

  • Summer staff will have been quarantined at our training locations prior to the beginning of camp and will be monitored daily for any symptoms of sickness.
  • Parents at Camp in the City may not be allowed inside any buildings at drop-off or pick-up. This is to protect both you and your camper. If your camper needs special attention at drop-off, we will work with you to ensure a great experience.
  • If buildings are open, we will abide by capacity and physical distancing guidelines.
  • Partner with your family: We understand that every family is being impacted differently by this pandemic and that you as a parent know what is best for your child. In our desire to serve you well, our cancellation policy for summer 2020 has been removed and the decision is yours whether or not to send your child to camp.
  • Campers will always have the option to opt out of an activity if they are not comfortable.
  • After their week at camp, campers should minimize in-person contact with any person 65 years of age or older, especially those with pre-existing health conditions, for a period of 14 days. This includes maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet of separation from those individuals, wearing a face covering or mask, and avoiding sharing utensils or other common objects with those individuals.
Girl staffer demonstrating the camp face coverings

Health Practices at Camp in the City

Campers and staff will have face coverings as needed. What does this mean? Your camper will receive a cool runners-style neoprene face covering they can easily pull up over their nose and mouth whenever they are indoors if they find themselves in close proximity to others. When outside, face coverings are probably not needed unless in very close sustained contact.

These face coverings will be provided by Pine Cove, but it will be up to the camper to return each day with their personal covering.


Limiting the Spread

Physical Distancing

• Large group, indoor interactions such as Power Hour and Club will be held in accordance with government guidelines for the number of people who can safely be together in an indoor space. These large group events will be limited and may be moved outdoors and/or coordinated to have smaller groups, as well as appropriate social distancing between groups.
• To help campers stay physically distant in 2020, campers will be part of a small group, called a cohort. A cohort consists of two “buddy cabins,” not to exceed 18 campers, with whom campers will do all their activities and eat meals.
• Campers and staff will have face coverings as needed.

• Mealtimes will be divided into appropriately-sized groups per meal to maintain spacing between cabins.

Preventing contamination

We have added multiple layers of cleaning and disinfecting policies and procedures with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to instill cleanliness standards for campers and staff, as well as thorough sanitization of buildings, restrooms, high-touch surfaces, and more.

Read Our Sanitization Procedures

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Pine Cove has made an investment in electrostatic sprayers that are highly effective in destroying viruses, including COVID-19, and are currently being used in hospitals, daycares, and on commercial airplanes. Alongside our already rigorous sanitation procedures, they will be used throughout the week to spray cabins, kitchens, pools, barns, ropes sheds, boats, and more with an organic liquid disinfectant approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19. Watch this video to learn more about why these sprayers are so effective.


Hydrate & Sanitize

Make Sanitizing Accessible - and Fun!

Hand sanitizer is available for every cabin and passed around to each camper as part of a sanitize cheer. We also have hand sanitizer in each building and at our activity class locations. Sanitizing our hands (and staying hydrated!) have always been important parts of our camp culture. Check out this fun video that the Pine Cove Ranch made during Summer 2019 to remind our campers and staff how important it is to be hydrated and sanitized—and to have fun while doing it!

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Required Cleanliness Practices

Rigorous Handwashing

Here’s how we get all campers to wash their hands thoroughly and for the recommended twenty seconds.

Take It Seriously

We take handwashing seriously as the number one recommendation from the CDC for infection control.

Part of Our Program

Hand sanitizers are stationed around camp and all campers must wash their hands before meals.

Make It Fun

Staff are doing cheers, singing songs, and monitoring to make sure all campers wash their hands long enough and thoroughly.


Coming to Camp

We’re adjusting Camp in the City drop-off and pick-up procedures to prioritize your camper’s safety.

  • To help maintain safe distancing for parents and campers, we will be offering curbside pick-up and drop-off service right from your vehicle.
  • We have extended our drop-off from 8:40-9:30am every morning, and pick-up from 4:00-5:00pm.
  • Parents at Camp in the City may not be allowed inside any buildings at drop-off or pick-up.
  • If your camper needs special attention at drop-off, we will work with you to ensure a great experience while still honoring safe distancing for all other campers.

More detailed specifics on the times and procedures for each location will be sent directly to every camper via email prior to their week of camp.


Medical Policies

Handling Fever & COVID-19 Symptoms

If a camper has a fever of 99.5 or higher, or reports other symptoms of COVID-19, the camper’s parent or guardian will be notified to pick up their camper, or arrange to have them picked up.

As per Texas state regulations, “If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, we will notify all parents or guardians of campers in their cohort. The parents or guardians may decide to either pick up their child from the camp or leave the child in the camp and trust the camp to take appropriate safeguards. Pine Cove will keep the cohort containing the individual who tested positive for COVID-19 isolated from other cohorts at the camp for the remainder of the camp session.” Day camps happening outside of Texas will abide by those state’s regulations.

Licensed Staff

Led by our Chief Medical Director Dr. Scott Lawrence, our talented medical team includes multiple physicians and RNs. Their focus is on making the summer medical experience as safe and smooth as possible. This team is actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and working with experts at the state and local levels making adjustments to care as needed. In addition to our Pine Cove Medical staff, every City location will be supervised by volunteer nurses to ensure the safety and care for all of our campers. The big picture: skilled staffers are keeping an eye out for any kind of illness that could spread at camp.


Summer Staff Health Training


Training our staff and our campers is super important. We train our staff on how to properly sanitize, wash hands, and how to monitor campers to prevent behaviors that spread illness. For our campers we emphasize covering mouths when sneezing or coughing, sanitizing hands, and avoiding unnecessary physical contact.


Learn more about our safe and seriously fun staff!