Towers Theme Nights

What's a Theme Night? Great question! Theme nights are our way of sprinkling in a ton of fun each night mixed with a splash of intentionality! Grab a costume and get ready for some crazy fun!


Tacky Tourist: Welcome to the Pine Cove Towers! Grab your fanny packs, cameras, and visors as we take you on a tour around camp. Come prepared for a night full of outrageous activities and get-to-know-you games!


Pitch Black Attack: A night filled with glow sticks, microchips, and even a few waterballoons will keep your adrenaline pumping as you and your cabin sneak around camp. Camo, dark clothes, tennis shoes, and face paint are all you'll need for this night we like to call Pitch Black Attack!


Detective Dan and the Mind-boggling Mystery: Detective Dan needs your help to solve this mystery! Don't forget your magnifying glass and your thinking cap, because we will need all the help we can get to solve this conundrum.


Ohana Aloha Luau/5th Grade Trip: Hula on down to the Pine Cove Towers for a night full of tropical fun! Bring your flowered shirts, your tiki torches, and your grass skirts for a Hawaiian adventure that you will never forget.

Hold onto your horses 5th graders, y'all are headed to the Ranch camp. You'll be barn swingin' the night away and diving into the Ranch (Pool) Dip!


A Very Merry Hillbilly Christmas: Ho Ho Ho and Yee Haw! We'll dance the night away celebrating our favorite holiday of the year...with a little twist. Come dressed in a Santa hat or suit, but don't forget your overalls and flannel shirts too.


Buffalo Hunt: Chief Running Nose will lead the campers to fight the crazy buffalo of the Towers in the dirtiest theme night ever! Your outfit needs to be something that you can get really gross and never want to see again. Guys need to wear an old bathing suit, and girls need to wear an old bathing suit with a t-shirt and pair of shorts. And don't forget, campers always win!