Towers Theme Nights

What's a Theme Night? Great question! Theme nights are our way of sprinkling in a ton of fun each night mixed with a splash of intentionality! Grab a costume and get ready for some crazy fun!


Blast to the Future Neon Space Adventure: 3,2,1.... BLAST OFF! Grab your neon garb, astronaut helmets, alien hands, and space suits and get ready to explore the far reaches of the Towers galaxy! Start your week off right with a night full of exploration and adventure.


Pitch Black Attack: The posse have taken over camp again! It's up to you, campers, to win back camp! Bring your camo, tennis shoes, and sense of adventure and get ready to sneak around camp to win back the Towers because CAMPERS ALWAYS WIN.


Wrinkle In Time: The Towers goes old school! Wrinkles, grey hair, and grandparents abound on this night! Get ready for a night of 401(k)'s, cadillacs, and hard candy! But please, leave the prunes at home!


Lost in Legos/5th Grade Trip: EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! EVERYTHING IS COOL WHEN YOU'RE LOST IN LEGOS! Come dressed as your favorite lego character or maybe just a lego block and get ready to enter a land full of legos!

Hey fifth graders! Leave your legos at home; you're taking a trip to the Ranch Camp on this night!


A Bug's Life: Grab your antennae and butterfly wings and "bug"gie on down for a night of dancing and grooving to a bug's life! Lady Bugs, centipedes, and spiders welcome!


Buffalo Hunt: Chief Running Nose needs your help! Join him as he leads the campers in a battle against the buffalo of the Towers. Be prepared to get muddy and messy in the muddiest and messiest theme night ever invented. Make sure you bring something you can get really gross and never want to see again. Guys need to wear an old bathing suit. Girls need to wear an old bathing suit with shorts.