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Our Ministry

Pine Cove exists to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory!

Summer Camps

As kids, youth, adults and families come to Pine Cove, they are able to get away from the urgency, the busyness, and the distractions of the world; they are able to focus on those things that are truly most valuable.

For the kids and youth, this means digging deeply into God’s word while experiencing the most amazing adventures imaginable; it means having that time of steadfast focus on the Creator in the midst of climbing, swinging, jumping, competing and making noise; it means experiencing the reality of the love of God through the coolest counselors you have ever met and experiencing the craziness of the friends you bring, meet, and make every day; most of all, it means a life-changing encounter with the One who loves you most while surrounded by some experiences you will never forget.

For the adults, it means a week of fun with their families, adventures to re-tell, time to experience peace and enjoy quiet, and best of all, the opportunity to be reminded of who God is and who we are. Once again, the fun, excitement, passion and enthusiasm are brought together with rest, refreshment and relationship to engender an encounter with God that will leave you changed forever.

When someone else is cooking, cleaning, helping take care of little ones, planning activities, and handling the other details, even down to pouring drinks (family camps only, sorry students) it is amazing how quickly the little termites that chew at the foundations get quiet, and sometime get exterminated. Relationships are established, decisions are made, and lives are changed forever. Our desire is that people would find themselves complete in the relationship with their Creator they were intended for, living every day in the fullness of God’s Spirit and abundant in a life in Jesus Christ. Invest a week (or more) of your life immersed in being served in the name of Christ.

Ministry in the Non-Summer Months

During the non-summer months, Pine Cove offers the same fun-filled, life-changing experiences as our Christian summer camps do, but through retreats, conferences, outdoor education, and other venues, accommodating over 20,000 visitors each year.

While Pine Cove loves summer camp, we also love the opportunity to provide camp-like experiences for people of all ages year-round through conferences! Although the temperatures start dropping, the ministry continues!!! Each top-notch summer camp becomes a quality conference facility. From conferences for women, men, family, and youth…to conferences for college students, parents and their children, and scrapbookers (the list could go on!), Pine Cove offers something for everyone! Each conference has its own unique purpose, audience, and activities, but we have something to meet everyone’s needs and desires.

We also offer our superior camp and conference facilities in both Tyler and Columbus, Texas as retreat facilities for church groups and other Christian organizations to rent for their own use. From August to May we partner with organizations to custom-build retreats that will meet their unique needs and goals. No matter what age group or price range you have, Pine Cove can accommodate your retreat.

Another service Pine Cove is glad to offer is our Institute of Wilderness Studies that hosts our Outdoor Education program and our Team Building program. Friendly staff, comfortable facilities, and outstanding curricula make Pine Cove the ideal location for the excursions of this genre.

Every avenue of ministry where Pine Cove is involved exists so that God may be glorified through lives being changed! No matter what time of year someone might set foot on Pine Cove property, it is our hope and prayer that they are served in Jesus’ name!