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Worry-Free Camping

Camplife APp

All parents want to be sure they can entrust their precious little ones to a week away at camp. With the CampLife app, you’ll get a window into your child’s Pine Cove experience so you can be secure in the knowledge that they’re safe and happy. So rest easy, mom and dad. Your child is ready for Pine Cove, and with the CampLife app, you will be too.


Tagged Photos

We know it’s hard to be away from your child while they’re at overnight camp. But what if you could receive a notification the moment a photo of them was uploaded? With the CampLife app, you’ll get reassurance that your child is happy and healthy from the convenience of your own phone. It’s simple: photographers snap a picture of your camper, upload it, and we link it up with your account!

Tagged photos in the CampLife App

Digital Mail

Who wants to wait until the very end of the week to hear about how their child is doing at camp? No one, that’s who! With this in mind, we created a way for parents to receive digital letters from their children so they can read, in their kids’ own handwriting, exactly how much fun they’re having! You’ll also be able to send them mail through the app that we’ll print out and give to your camper so they can hear from you too!


Counselor Bios

Hi, My Name Is

A big question on every parent’s mind: Who is my child’s counselor? You’ll find the answer and some additional reassuring information on the CampLife app! Discover where they’re from and where they go to school, see their photo, find out both their real name and their fun camp nickname, and learn all about their passion for working at camp.

More Features

But Wait, There’s More


We’ll alert you the moment your child is tagged in a new post


Share photos, letters, and more directly to social media


Invite friends and family to follow your camper’s week


Read camp stories, what your child is learning, and more


Highlight Videos

Get a front row seat to all the fun and adventure happening at Pine Cove with an epic video featuring favorite moments from camp! Take a look at a sample video above, and get excited for a new video for the week your child is at camp!

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“The app was a HUGE help in keeping me connected to my son. Being able to see his smiles made me feel so good, and I looked forward to seeing the new pictures and videos every day. It was a mother’s saving grace.”


7th Grade Camper Mom


Have questions about getting started with the CampLife app? We’ve got you covered.

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Camp Store Account

Time to Shop

At overnight camp your camper will have the option to visit the camp store during their week of camp to purchase a refreshing afternoon snack or pick up the latest Pine Cove swag. Before camp you will load money into their camp store account on the CampLife app! We’ll just charge the amount you add to the credit card we have on file for you. Then when they visit the store, they can simply swipe their camper band and get to shopping. You can add money to your camper’s account at any point during the week, right up until Friday morning, as many times as you would like. But sorry – we don’t keep tabs on what they purchase! You’ll just have to wait for them to tell you!

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