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Ministry Impact

"Pine Cove exists to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory." This is Pine Cove's mission, and it's a statement that's at the heart of everything we do. Our employees are passionate about the Gospel, and we desire to see children and families come to know the Lord.

Working at Pine Cove is an opportunity to use the skills that God gifted you to further His Kingdom. Whether you cook, design print pieces, plan marketing events, answer phones, or construct buildings, at Pine Cove you can do those things for the glory of God!

Here's what a few of our full-time staff members have to say.

It has been rejuvenating coming to Pine Cove from Corporate Accounting. Instead of using the talents God has gifted me with to fill someone's bank account, they are now used to serve a ministry that fills people's hearts and minds with the Gospel.

Rob, Accounting Department

I like that I work for a place that doesn't care about the bottom line, but that cares about ministering to people.

Chad, Communications and Digital Engagement Department

Working in maintenance can seem unlikely to be used towards ministry, but God shows me time and time again how working in maintenance is used to impact others spiritually just by meeting a physical need that arises.

Micah, Maintenance Department

I enjoy serving at Pine Cove because I know that the mission for the ministry is fully Christ-centered. Directions and decisions are carefully prayed over, with the mindset of how to reach those that need to hear the Gospel.

Stacy, Retreats Department

What we see over and over in scripture is that Jesus loves the Church. The reason I love working for Camp in the City is this ministry is Pine Cove's way of leveraging what we are good at to love the very institution that Christ loves so passionately that He gave His life for it. I get to use my vocation to love what Christ loves, and that isn't an opportunity that you get to have everywhere.

Benjamin, Programming Department

Before working at Pine Cove, I struggled with feeling like the work I was doing had any real meaning. I'm grateful to now work at a place where I know that what I do makes a difference and that I'm helping to further the Kingdom.

Valerie, Media Department