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Pine Cove Christian Camps hosts many weekend conferences for you to choose from. Our facilities are beautiful, our meals delicious, our activities fun, and our staff friendly, but that is only a small part of who we are. Our desire behind every conference is that people’s lives will be transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Through our speaker sessions and club services, you will have the opportunity to worship the Lord and to hear from top-notch speakers as they teach on God’s Word.


Kids, Junior High, Senior High

Pine Cove’s youth conferences pack all the intensity and excitement of a week of summer camp into one weekend! We set up quality speakers, meals and snacks, and a full weekend of activities such as ropes, horses, and fun night games. These are perfect for church youth groups and other youth ministries because we put the whole weekend together for you!

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Thanksgiving, New Years

Our weekend family conferences offer a taste of Pine Cove's week-long summer family camp experience. Plenty of worship, family fun and relationship building are all part of our family weekends. Come enjoy the great outdoors and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Men's, Women's, Couples

Although Pine Cove offers several different types of adult conferences, they all equate to a weekend away from mundane routines! From delicious meals and incredible speaker sessions to endless options of how to spend your free time, you won't walk away disappointed. Whether you need time away to rest or to play, you'll find just what you need at one of our weekend getaways.

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Mother/Child, Father/Child

Pine Cove’s Parent and Child Conferences offer you a chance to deepen your relationship with your son or daughter. By providing lodging, meals, and exciting activities, we allow parents to make their child the only thing on their mind. You will hear from outstanding speakers and do fun things like ride horses, do ropes course activities, and more. If spending quality time with your child is a priority on your list, this is a weekend that you definitely won’t want to miss!

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