Camp Fun

Winterfest is all the fun of summer camp packed into a weekend in December, it’s summer camp in the Winter! Whether you’re a long-time camper or you've never been to Pine Cove before, this is the event for you. For new campers, Winterfest is a great way to get a taste of summer camp fun in just a few short days. It’s also a great time for returning campers to reunite with old friends and counselors.


Just like in the summer, campers are assigned to a cabin with one of our amazing summer staff counselors and get to do a lot of the same insanely fun activities like zip lines, horseback riding, all-camp games, and more. Combine that with a ton of Christmas themed fun and you've got an amazing weekend! (Activities vary from camp to camp).

& Bible Studies

But it doesn’t end there, Winterfest is also a great chance for campers to grow spiritually. Each night a worship band leads an amazing worship time and we spend time digging into the Word during Bible studies. Winterfest is a great weekend to be renewed and encouraged for the new year ahead.

With Friends

If you’re coming for the first time or coming back again, Winterfest promises to be a weekend crammed full of fun, music, holiday festivity and spiritual growth. Come celebrate the end of the semester with all your friends, old and new, at Winterfest!

Detailed Info by Camp

Camp Grades Location Price  
Silverado 1st - 5th Columbus, TX $199 More Info
Outback 6th - 12th Columbus, TX $199 More Info
Towers 1st - 5th Tyler, TX $199 More Info
Ranch 6th - 7th Tyler, TX $199 More Info
Timbers 8th - 9th Tyler, TX $199 More Info
Shores 10th - 12th Tyler, TX $199 More Info

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