Summer Camps

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Opening Day

The gates to camp will open Sunday at the following times:

2:30pm - Towers, Timbers
3:00pm - Silverado
3:30pm - Outback, Ranch, Shores

Campers may not be dropped off before the designated gate opening times. Arrive on time (or a few minutes early) for the full Pine Cove welcome experience!


Opening Day Information
Check out a few things to know ahead of time to make camper drop-off run as smoothly as possible!

Campers will be warmly welcomed by our spirited staff. We will take care of your luggage and help you get checked in.

Registration Tables:
Go to the registration tables to check in with our friendly staff, drop off any camper medications, packages, or mail, and ask any last-minute questions. Check out more information about camper mail.

If your camper needs to take medication at camp, you must turn them in to the Health Center staff when you arrive on opening day. All over-the-counter and non-prescription drugs remain in the original container. All prescription medications must be in a pharmacy-labeled container with the camper’s name on it. Loose pills will not be accepted.

Swim Test:
Safety is a top priority for us, so all campers must begin their week with a swim test. Make sure your camper has his or her swimsuit and towel handy when you arrive.


Closing Day

Closing Celebration:
Youth camp sessions end Saturday morning after the Closing Celebration. The Celebration involves singing, camper awards, a video presentation of your camper’s week at camp, and a message from the Director. Parents are encouraged to be a part of this special event. Complimentary snacks and drinks are available at the dining hall for parents arriving early.

Here are the times of all Saturday youth camp closing ceremonies:

9:00am - Towers, Timbers
9:30am - Silverado
10:45am - Outback, Ranch, Shores

Our friendly staff will be available after each closing celebration if you would like to reserve your spot for next year by pre-registering. Otherwise, you can pre-register online when you get home. Pre-registration must be completed before August 17, 2016.

Parental Pickup:
To ensure your child’s safety, only the camper’s parent/guardian may pick him/her up at the end of camp or for an early departure. If you desire a friend or relative to give your child a ride, Pine Cove must receive (by mail or fax) a letter—signed by the camper’s parent/guardian—stating the name of the adult who is authorized to pick up the child and when the child should be released into his/her care.


Opening Day at Pine Cove (1:16)
Check out a few things to know ahead of time to make camper drop-off run as smoothly as possible!

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