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Registration Dates & Policies

Need to come a different week? Want to be in the same cabin with a friend? Want to know how waiting lists work? We’ve got you covered.


May 26, 2024: Automatic contactless pre-registration opens for next year.

June 2024: Scholarship applications may be submitted.

August 13, 2024: Overnight youth camp pre-registration closes for next year. (Pre-registration is still open until Aug. 13, even if you have previously opted out.)

August 13, 2024: Family camp switch week begins.

August 14, 2024: Overnight youth camp switch week begins.

August 16, 2024: OPEN Registration for overnight youth camp and winterfest begins!

Change Camp Week

Campers are given an opportunity to switch to a different camp week before registration for new campers begins. Log in to your registration account to switch sessions.

Early Registration

Pre-registration is automatic for overnight youth camp! Instead of you doing all the work of signing back up for another seriously fun summer, your camper will be automatically registered for the same week of camp the following year. You’ll enjoy a monthly payment plan that spreads out the cost, and know another summer at camp is guaranteed before spots fill up! 

Not interested in reserving your child’s spot for next summer? No problem! We’ll email you about your pre-registration after the camp week ends and you’ll have the option to opt out then. 

Pre-Registration Policies

All pre-registration is for the matching session the following summer. Any cancellation before the end of pre-registration will result in a full refund of any funds paid up until that point. Any cancellations after the pre-registration deadline will be handled according to our standard cancellation policy, which includes retaining the non-refundable deposit.

Overnight Youth

All overnight youth camp campers will have their spot saved after their camp session by automatic pre-registration. This pre-registration will be announced by email and will include a way to opt-out. The deadline for opting-out will be communicated in the email.


Family campers will be given the option to pre-register for next summer at the end of their session. The deadline for completing pre-registration will be communicated at the end of the camp session.

Pine Cove City

Some Pine Cove City sessions will be given a pre-registration option. The deadline for completing pre-registration will be communicated via email at the end of the session.

Waiting List

If there is no space available for the camp session you request, you may be placed on a waiting list for that session with no deposit required. We register hundreds of campers off the waiting lists each year, so don’t lose heart. The waiting list is limited to two camp sessions. When a space is available, we will call you, leave a message, and send you an e-mail. You will be given a set period of time to contact the registration department or go online to register. If we do not receive a response, your camper will be deleted from our waiting list.

Campers may not substitute another camper for their spot on the waiting list.

During the summer (June through August) we will not leave messages. Please make sure we have up-to-date contact information in your account so we can get in touch with you!

Cancellation Policy

Youth camp registrations require a $200 non-refundable deposit for one week sessions and a $400 non-refundable deposit for two-week sessions. Family camp requires a $400 non-refundable deposit at time of registration. Pine Cove City requires a $40 non-refundable deposit at time of registration.

Any cancellation before the end of day May 1 will be refunded everything but the non-refundable deposit. For cancellations after May 1, Pine Cove will consider refunds on a case by case basis depending on the likelihood of an empty camp spot, the circumstances of the camper, and availability.


Any cancellation before the end of day November 1 will be refunded everything but the non-refundable deposit. For cancellations after November 1, Pine Cove will consider refunds on a case by case basis depending on the likelihood of an empty camp spot, the circumstances of the camper, and availability.

Friend Groups

You can request up to four campers to be in the same cabin friend group together. We’ve learned that it’s best for no more than four campers in a group of existing friends to share an eight-person cabin together. This way friendships among campers in the whole cabin get to flourish, and unity thrives!

All campers in a group must be within one grade of each other member and registered at the same camp location. You can submit group requests online in your registration account.

Concerned that your child may not have a friend to attend camp with? No problem! Check out this helpful guide that shares why camp is the perfect place for your child to make new friends.


Grade and Sex/Gender

Our 55+ years of camp experience has taught us that it is best to have campers at the same grade level (or as close as possible) in a cabin or group. We’ve found it is easier to build group unity with campers who are in a similar life stage. We also only put campers of the same sex/gender in cabins together since campers share cabin space. Counselors for each cabin are also the same sex/gender as their campers.

Sexual Identity

Our heart is to truly love all and want to point ALL to the forgiveness and hope we can have in the perfect life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We sincerely want everyone to come to camp. Pine Cove also believes our campers contribute to our Christian community and the accomplishment of Pine Cove’s mission through our deeply held beliefs, so it’s important for them to be aware of what we believe to be God’s teaching on sexual identity, which influences our rooming policies.

As set forth in our Statement of Faith, we believe that in God’s creation sex and gender are synonymous, and that they are determined by an individual’s biological sex at birth. Because of our desire for ALL campers to have an amazing experience while at camp, we are unable (and not equipped) to simultaneously accommodate and care well for campers who will share a cabin together with other campers of differing beliefs and comfort levels. Specifically, this means campers who:

  • desire to be called by pronouns different from their sex/gender
  • proclaim their identity as a non-human species
  • are transitioning to a different gender from the one given at birth
  • proclaim their identity to be LGBTQ+ (We realize that identity and attraction can be complicated, and may not necessarily preclude your camper from attending camp, so we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions regarding your camper.)

Because we also desire for ALL to hear God’s truth, we can refer those campers to other Christian camps we believe to be equipped for these diverse camper situations.

We are grateful for our many camper families and for the trust they give us in caring for their children.

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