Staff Screening

The selection and screening of our staff is an important part of our safety policy. Every year Pine Cove interviews more than 2500 applicants in order to hire only around 650 new summer staff. Our high interview-to-hire ratio allows us to be extremely selective with our hiring process.

We do not take lightly the calling to find the best and safest staff. Our entire resident staff team prays for the recruiting and hiring of these students throughout the entire year.

Here is a quick video overview of the steps we take when screening potential staff members.

Staffing Guidelines

Craig Langemeier, Senior Director of Ministries, gives us a brief overview of how we hire and train excellent staff.

First, we tell applicants right up front in our online application that "Pine Cove has a zero tolerance policy in regard to bullying and/or abuse." The application is extensive and asks for multiple different kinds of information to help screen for potential abusers. Every application is read through by three different members of our hiring committee, each one looking for any red flags or other areas of concern.

The next step of the process is a 45-minute face-to-face interview with one of our trained interviewers. Interviews are either in-person or over Skype and include open-ended response questions about the applicant's family, personality, relationship with the Lord, and history of drugs and alcohol. We are trained to look for red flags and/or deceptive responses.

Every applicant must have a minimum of two references from non-family members in order to be considered for hire. References are asked to specifically rate areas such as the applicant's character, their employment experience, and the comfort level of the reference in having the applicant work with children. We personally call a random sample of references to ensure the person on the reference form is actually the person that filled out the reference. This allows us to make sure the references are legitimate and can be trusted.

We run background checks on every staff member through an outside company called ADP Screening and Selection Services.