2017 Theme Nights

Looking for some costume ideas? Check out our awesome, photo-filled inspiration board on Pinterest!


Silverado Roundup
Howdy buckaroo! Time get to know the real Silverado…. Saddle up and hold on to your five gallon hat, jump into the Wild West with both feet, but be careful not to jump right out of your cowboy or cowgirl boots! The more leather and pearl snaps you have, the more you’ll fit right in as you gallop around camp getting to explore this wild frontier with your cabin playin’ games, ropin’ cattle, and singin’ campfire songs til the cows come home (or at least until lights out!).


Birthday Bash
Well let’s wake up, don’t take no nap! We’re gonna be jammin’ to the birthday rap! Tired of only celebrating a birthday once a year?? Well, not any more! Pine Cove turns 50 this year, so come ready to celebrate wrapped as a present, decorated like a cake, sprinkle on that confetti and don’t forget to top it off with a birthday hat. Ain’t no party like a Pine Cove birthday party!


Prehistoric Pool Party
We’re taking “throwback” to a whole new prehistoric level. Get ready to dive in with Fred, Wilma and Dino into a water-filled evening at the Oasis and Watering Hole, splishing, splashing, pool party just like the good old days (and I mean really old days!) [grunt, grunt] Caveman at Pine Cove [grunt]. Caveman have heaps big fun [grunt]!


Pine Cove Playoffs
Don the jerseys and get the competitive juices flowing, swing for the fences, give 110%, leave it all on the field/court/ice/diamond/pitch/arena thing. It’s time for Pine Cove playoffs! Dress to support your favorite team or sport and we’ll enjoy a giant game where the crack of the bat means a touchdown, we ace across the finish line and score the goal units for the championship trophy ribbon!

5th graders, grab swimsuits and towels and get excited for a sneak peak of Pine Cove Outback! We’ll be there to catch just a glimpse of what your summer could look like in 2017 at our 6th-12th grade camp. G’day, campers!


Stealth Patrol
ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS! Your favorite night is back! Don your camo, don your black, the Stealth Patrol is on the attack! Tip toe through the darkness and trees, and if you get spotted, you simply freeze! If you get caught don’t worry, just be still like a statue, then move along while they look right past you! Stay with your cabin, the whole game through, just like you're stuck together with the stickiest glue. When you collect all of the clues you will cheer, laugh, and scream. Then it’s showers and bedtime and the sweetest of dreams.


Battle of the Brumbies
That’s right, campers! THE BRUMBIES ARE BACK! And YOU get to battle these crazy brumbies of Pine Cove Silverado (aka, the counselors) in the dirtiest theme night ever! Your outfit needs to be something that you can get really gross and never want to see again (lots of sand, mud, and water). Guys wear an old bathing suit, and girls wear an old bathing suit with a t-shirt and pair of shorts. This is your opportunity to get to play in the mud however you would like, and don’t forget, campers always win!