2016 Theme Nights

We'll be announcing the 2017 Theme Nights soon. In the meantime, check out all of last summer's awesome theme nights!



Gone Bonkers with Board Games
Let the [board] games begin! It’s a RISK, but we’ll CLUE you in... SORRY if it hurts your CRANIUM, but in the GAME OF LIFE at Silverado, we’re all winners! So come dressed as a character or game piece, and we’ll be TWIST[ER]ing SCRA[m]BBLing all over the CANDY LAND of camp, up CHUTES AND down LADDERS. It’s not even a role of the dice, cause you know Silverado has the MONOPOLY on fun! Phew… maybe that was a little PARCHEESI, but I’m glad to get that off my CHESS… er… chest.



Mission to Space
3... 2... 1... Blast off into a world where the sky is no longer the limit! From astronauts to Jedi, from spaceships to planets, think waaaay outside of the box to suit up for a mission of exploring the final frontier. Have dinner in a space station among the stars, and get ready for a night that is out of this world!



Wildman Warriors and Princess Palooza
Boys will be boys and girls will be girls? Well, tonight boys will be warriors and the girls will be princesses! We have all been made in the image of God, but what makes us different? Girls, dress as the princesses that you are and discover together the truth of feminine beauty that comes from the inside. Boys, dress as a warrior as we search for our God-given strength to serve because chivalry is not dead! Soooo true... so true.



Jungle Safari Pool Party/5th Graders Outback Adventure
Lions and tigers, and campers, oh my!!! Head off on a wild animal safari through the jungle and the desert in search of the Oasis where you will find a jungle pool party to remember! 2nd-4th graders will find themselves at Silverado for a splashin’ good time in the pool and with other water activities.

5th graders, grab swimsuits and towels and get excited for a sneak peak of Pine Cove Outback! We’ll be there to catch just a glimpse of what your summer could look like in 2017 at our 6th-12th grade camp. G’day campers!



Stealth Patrol
ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS! Your favorite night is back! Don your camo, don your black, the Stealth Patrol is on the attack! You will tip toe through the darkness and trees, and if you get spotted, you simply freeze! If you get caught don’t worry, just be still like a statue, then move right along while they’re looking right past you! Stay with your cabin, the whole game through, just like you're stuck together with the stickiest glue. When you collect all of the clues you will cheer, laugh, and scream. Then it’s showers and bedtime and the sweetest of dreams.



Battle of the Brumbies
That’s right, campers! THE BRUMBIES ARE BACK! And YOU get to battle these crazy brumbies of Pine Cove Silverado (aka, the counselors) in the dirtiest theme night ever! Your outfit needs to be something that you can get really gross and never want to see again (lots of sand, mud, and water). Guys need to wear an old bathing suit, and girls need to wear an old bathing suit with a t-shirt and pair of sorts. This is your opportunity that you don’t usually get to just play in the mud however you would like, and don’t forget, campers always win!