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Worry-Free Camping


Pine Cove Summer Staff

The Pine Cove summer staff is an energetic, genuine, and caring team of college students who are passionate about serving your child. We complete an intensive search, interview process, and thorough training for all of our staff members. These capable summer staffers will encourage, invest in, and model Jesus for your child.


Staff Guidelines

Watch our Chief Ministry Officer Craig “Dutch” Langemeier explain our rigorous hiring process and the importance of who we hire, how we train them, and what we expect of our staff.

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Applicant-to-Hire Rate

Out of 5,300 applicants and 3,100 interviews, only 900 staff will be hired in addition to our 900 returning staff for summer 2017. We take our hiring process very seriously!


Spiritual Impact


The counselors and staff at Pine Cove have a simple goal: to help kids and families connect with Jesus. Through intentional conversations, Bible studies, and worship, our staff will share the life-changing power of the Gospel with your camper and show that a relationship with the Lord can be exciting, interactive, and impactful.

“It's all about the Gospel. Everything from the activities to the cheering to Bible studies to skits, it’s all to glorify God, and to tell kids about who Jesus is and what He’s done for us.”


Camp in the City Staffer


Staff Purpose Video

What do all Pine Cove staff and counselors have in common? They're all completely sold out for Jesus! They enthusiastically devote their summer to jumping, cheering, and serving campers. Take a peek at the motivation they share behind all the effort they pour into their summer.

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I can’t emphasize enough how impressed we were with the high level of energy and the overall organization demonstrated by the staff. It is obvious you recruit and train your staff with excellence.”


2nd Grade Camper Mom


Abuse Prevention

Extra Measures

The entire Pine Cove staff must undergo extensive training in the area of abuse prevention and the specific rules and procedures we have in place. All told, the Pine Cove staff undergoes training that is twice as long as what is mandated by the state.

We search tirelessly for the best role models and most trustworthy staff to ensure a safe and fun summer for all campers.


Activity Training

Climb On

Some activities require an extra week of training. Lifeguards and boat drivers receive CPR and lifeguard certification, wranglers are instructed by CHA‑certified trainers, and staff running zip lines and ropes are taught and tested by Adventure Experiences for each high ropes element.


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