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Summer Jobs

High School Seniors

High School Seniors

Graduated high school seniors have an amazing opportunity to learn about working on summer staff at Pine Cove. This position is a paid summer staff role working alongside our college summer staff and being mentored by our full-time resident staff.

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High School Senior Details

Our desire is that as they serve together with college staff, graduated high school seniors will develop lasting community with college students from all over the nation, many of which already attend the same universities our high school seniors will begin attending in the fall. High school seniors will have the opportunity to serve in activity classes, work crew, and evening programs just like our summer staff! These positions are available at our family camps, the majority of our youth camps, and our traveling off-site day camps.

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Squad Goals

We hear it again and again: the staff community at Pine Cove is unlike anything else. Recent high school graduates get to take full advantage of being a part of this incredible, godly group of people. And when it's time to go away to school for the first time, just imagine heading into freshman year with a built-in community of Pine Cove staff on your college campus.

“It’s the first time in my life where I felt like I had community. To have brothers and sisters walk along with me going into college was awesome.”

Connor “Mt. Brolympus” Gulledge

Pine Cove City Counselor

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High School Senior Details

Pay & Benefits


$1200 Work for six weeks.

Meals and Housing

All cabins are air conditioned. (And all food is delicious.)

Time Off

You get about 24 hours off each weekend from Saturday to Sunday.

Sibling Discount

Your siblings get a 50% discount off a week of camp! Score.


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