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Summer Jobs


Internships and College Credit

Pine Cove understands college is a time when students are thinking about their upcoming careers and ways they can achieve their goals. We want to do our part to develop our staff and help them utilize their time at Pine Cove to make a real impact on their futures. From on-site internships to off-site intern partnerships and potential college credit, we’re committed to equip and launch our staff into the futures that God has for them.


You’ve Got Options

Leadership Intern

Returning staffers can gain hands-on leadership experience.

Storytelling Media Intern

Develop skills in photography, digital communications, and videography.

College Credit

Achieve course credit by completing requirements for your college.

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Camp Internships & College Credit

Put This On Your Resumé

Many of our current summer staff positions at camp are dedicated internships designed to fulfill the standard college internships requirements. Plus, you get paid! Additionally, many counselors and program staffers can get college credit for their roles on staff at Pine Cove. It's an amazing opportunity for hands-on learning in a fun environment. Our interns have the opportunity to learn from one-on-one mentorships with our leadership staff.

“The fact that I could partner what I’ve been doing the last few summers as a camp counselor with the career that I’m going to be holding for the rest of my life made the transition so much easier.”

Danielle “Be Kind Rewind” Smith

Architecture Intern

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Partner Internships

Camp-Minded, Career-Minded

Need an internship that you can’t get at camp? Join our family and see how Pine Cove can help! Companies in all types of industries consistently approach Pine Cove wanting to recruit our past summer staff into their internship programs and full-time positions. We are taking a proactive role in connecting these companies with our college staff that are actively looking for internships and career opportunities.

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Partner Internship Details

Work one summer at Pine Cove and then you are eligible for our internship partnerships initiative. You’ll be able to work half a summer at camp, and the other half at an internship outside of Pine Cove in your career field. That way you’ll get the internship hours you need without sacrificing the development you get at camp. Interested? Email us at

“This internship’s given me a better way to market myself, and it’s given me tons of valuable experience that I can use.”

Trey “Triple Trouble” Poerschke

Marketing Intern

Available Industries

  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Engineering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Social Work
  • Graphic Design
  • IT / Computer Programming
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Medical Field
  • Ministry
  • …and more!
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Connecting Staff to Businesses

Take a look at how we share the idea behind our intern partnerships with Pine Cove family campers who are eager to hire our summer staff. Who knows — maybe they’ll hire you next!

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