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We’ve been praying over one primary vision since 2020: Double the Impact. We feel led by God to Double the Impact that Pine Cove is having on culture. This vision stretches beyond any particular number or concrete benchmark. We instead see it as our mission to inspire more campers and equip more college staffers than we ever thought possible. Just as the Lord led us to Georgia and surprised us with the opportunity to open the Springs, our first youth camp outside of Texas, we fully expect Him to lead us to further opportunities for growth, for influence, and for impact—all for the sake of the Kingdom. All for the sake of furthering the Gospel. We’re running hard toward 2030 and our vision to Double the Impact. Will you join us?

What’s next for Pine Cove? Watch this video to hear our prayer and see our vision for the coming years of our ministry.

Our 2030 Vision

The Plan

$9.6 Million by the end of 2025

These funds will enable us to host more campers and be ready for all that God has in store across our youth camps, family camps, and day camps.

Invest in Staff

Our staff is our program, and they deserve high-quality accommodations where they can rest up so they can continue to pour into the next generation.

Invest in Campers

We’re making space to reach even more campers—for His glory. This will involve new buildings as well as updates to existing structures.


Stories from College Staff

Echoes of Grace

When Ellie was a camper at the Pine Cove Timbers, she had a counselor who not only assured her that God’s love for her was real, but who also demonstrated that love by continuing to invest in her for years to come. Then it was Ellie’s turn to become a counselor at the Timbers, and the Lord put someone in her cabin she never expected: someone who reminded Ellie of herself, all those years ago. Read Ellie’s story and see how Pine Cove’s mission to inspire and equip is lived out in the day-in and day-out, on-the-ground ministry happening at camp.

Ellie’s Story

Falling Away from the Faith

The percentage of young-adult church dropouts has increased from 59 to 64 percent in the last decade. According to research from the Barna Group, nearly two-thirds of US 18 to 29-year-olds who grew up in the Christian faith have withdrawn from church involvement as an adult after having been active as a child or teen. The impact of a Christ-centered camp experience with college-age role models who are passionate about and invested in their faith has never been more needed for today’s youth.


A Focus on 2023 and 2024

From Strength to Strength

The Lord is calling Pine Cove to prepare to make an impact on even more campers, and we’re saying “Yes!” Now we just need to make sure we’re prepared for the influx of new campers we know are on the horizon by investing in and expanding our properties! This will involve additional cabins, renovated pools, new two-week lodges, a family worship center, and more.


The Springs

Our first summer was a huge success, hosting over 1,440 campers. Next up for Summer 2023: adding an indoor ropes course & more!



Additional Pool

Everything will be cool in Crier Creek’s new gazebo and activity-focused pool!



Hangout Turf

The Shores’ new multi-tiered green space is perfect for hangouts and hangtimes alike!



Staff Cabins

The Bluffs, Woods, and Towers all saw some much-needed staff cabin upgrades.


When we invest in our college staff, they in turn invest in our campers. This impact is multiplied when our campers seek to influence their friends and family members for Christ in the same way. This kind of Kingdom growth is exponential!


Stories from Campers

“I Want to be a Pine Cove Counselor”

It’s a common refrain often heard after a camper has spent any time at Pine Cove: “I want to be a Pine Cove counselor!” We’re so encouraged to hear that campers of all ages look up to and emulate their counselors—and ultimately want to return to Pine Cove to be on staff. Watch this video to hear them share why in their own words!

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