Camp in the City

Typical Day

Typical Day


Welcome to Camp in the City! We’re thrilled to have your camper here for the week!

Power Hour

Power Hour is full of high energy, excitement, and some pretty awesome skit characters!

Bible Study

Find your tent and camp out in God’s word for a little bit. Interactive illustrations and group activities make this time a ton of fun!

Activity Class

Your camper will be climbing, splashing, jumping, and having a blast during multiple activities each and every day!


Pack up a yummy lunch and bring it with you each day (unless your church has told you that they will provide lunch). There's nothing like lunch at camp!

Activity Class

There’s no such thing as too many activities! Your camper could be flipping on a bungee trampoline, shooting “darchery,” or scaling our giant rock wall!


Take a bite out of life! We’ll provide you with a delicious & healthy snack so you can fuel up to get ready for the rest of the day.

All Camp Game

What could be better than playing one enormous, extreme, exciting, awesome, crazy, messy, terrific, Camp in the City game?!


C-L-U-B bring that Pine Cove Club to me! Club is the climax of every day at camp. We'll jump around, worship Jesus, and learn from one of our counselors.


We’re always sad to see our campers leave! Please have your ID ready so that we can ensure your child is sent home only with those you have authorized for pick-up.