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Worry-Free Camping


Safety at Pine Cove

Our #1 Priority

Pine Cove is committed to the safety of all campers. Our comprehensive safety plan covers staff screening, abuse prevention, weather safety, medical care, and activity safety. Pine Cove’s goal is for every parent to feel confident with their child spending a fun and SAFE week at camp!

“We want to ensure that every one of our staff knows that Pine Cove is serious about our mission and that we have an unquestioned safety culture.”

Craig “Dutch” Langemeier

Executive Director of Ministries


Staff Screening

Pine Cove does not take lightly our calling to find the best and safest staff. All applicants must complete an extensive application, undergo a face-to-face interview, submit at least two references, and pass a background check. Pine Cove hires less than 17% of all applicants.

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Activity Safety

Top-Notch Whistle-Blowers


Lifeguard and CPR certified through the American Red Cross.


All riding instructors trained by CHA‑certified wranglers.

High Ropes

All ropes courses are certified and staff extensively trained through Adventure Experiences.

Camp in the City

Comprehensive staff training and regular multi-state government equipment inspections.


Medical Care

First Rate First Aid

Each of our camps has a licensed nurse and health assistant on duty 24 hours a day. All physical camp properties have an on-site medical clinic and are within twenty minutes of a hospital. Additionally, all medications are administered to campers and staff by Pine Cove’s health center staff.

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Additional Details

To ensure the safety of all campers, no medications are allowed in a cabin or anywhere outside of the health centers, except for rescue inhalers, diabetic supplies, and epi-pens. Hand washing is another important part of our illness prevention strategy. We require campers to wash their hands before meals and provide numerous handwashing stations and hand sanitizer to help keep germs at bay.

“Seriously, we continue to come back year-after-year because we believe so strongly in the fact that you run a quality, safe camp where our children can grow to be great disciples of Christ.”


6th Grade Camper Parent


Abuse Prevention

Zero Tolerance

We weave abuse prevention into our entire camp environment, through training, monitoring, and feedback systems. Our entire staff undergoes extensive training on the rules and procedures we have in place to prevent any type of abuse. Everyone must pass a test on these abuse prevention concepts.

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Additional Details

One of our required practices is the Rule of Three. Trips to the secluded areas such as bathrooms should involve three people so that no two individuals are alone in private at any given time. Monitoring is also an important abuse prevention tool because it decreases the opportunity for abuse to happen. The staff all monitor one another, and camp leadership is also constantly monitoring staff and campers.

It is important to have multiple ways to report abuse. If a camper is in a situation where they felt threatened, abused, or unsafe, we encourage them to either talk with a staff member, or to use the anonymous reporting system known as the “Talk Box.” Every camp has a Talk Box available to collect anonymous or signed notes at any point in the week.

Pine Cove has been awarded Praesidium Accreditation by Praesidium Inc., an industry leader in abuse risk management.


Weather Safety

Atmosphere of Fun

Pine Cove trains staff to recognize inclement weather situations and to protect our campers and staff. We are constantly monitoring the weather, and we have the ability to notify all Pine Cove staff of the need to take shelter, move to higher ground, or any other need that may arise.


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