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Author: Bill Hendricks

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Bill Hendricks

Board member

Bill “Surf” Hendricks is a Pine Cove Board member who worked on summer staff from 1968-73. He is now the president of The Giftedness Center and resides in Dallas, Texas.

The God of Small Beginnings: Saying Goodbye to Bill McKenzie

by Bill Hendricks

Bill and Sharon McKenzie

Editor’s note: This week marks a year since Bill “Red Baron” McKenzie, our founder, passed away. Here is a tribute written by Bill “Surf” Hendricks celebrating God’s faithfulness through one man’s heart to serve Him.  One Friday when I was about 10 or 11, my dad (Howard Hendricks) told my brother and me he had […]

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How Pine Cove Came to Be

by Bill Hendricks

Pine Cove Founder Bill McKenzie

What should I do with my life? Sooner or later, everyone asks that question. Many never come up with an answer, and far too many come up with the wrong answer. Some pursue things that don’t fit them. Some chase money instead of what matters. Some just settle for any old job that pays. Worst […]

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