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Movie-Themed Camp Names

by Anna BirchPosted Feb 17, 2021

Captain America costumes

From Disney cartoons to action flicks, movies are common themes behind some of the best camp names. We gathered up a few of our favorites (sorted by genre) and would love to know if you can guess the titles behind a few of the more obscure references!  Cartoons/Family: Dinglehopper Princess Pee-a Therpopolis Princess and the […]

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Nourishment in the Desert

by Kelcie HuffsticklerPosted Feb 17, 2021

camper mom

Though not all bad, the year 2020 took a couple of gut punches to our family, just like millions of others. We arrived at the New Year’s Conference at Pine Cove bruised and weary. My father-in-law had died tragically a couple of months earlier, and my husband was painfully recovering from back surgery. With our […]

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Guess the Camp Name

by Pine CovePosted Feb 17, 2021

name tag closeup

Who doesn’t love a good camp name story? (We sure can’t think of anyone!) Think you could figure out someone’s name just by hearing their story? Below are seven real camp name stories. See if you can pick out the actual camp names, then check your answers at the bottom! 1. Mulan is my favorite […]

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Why We Should Love—And Why We Don’t

by Valerie MorbyPosted Feb 10, 2021

heart fingers

They say “love is all around.” At this time of year, that’s especially true. At least, the reminders of love—and hearts, and Valentines, and romantic songs—are all around! If only loving others was as easy as buying a heart balloon at the grocery store or splitting a container of conversation hearts with them. (Although let […]

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Leading Through A Pandemic: Perspectives from 4 Camp Directors

by Pine CovePosted Feb 3, 2021

guy staff praying

Pine Cove saw some tough changes and disruptions this summer—but the Gospel was still proclaimed! We asked a few of our directors about the challenges they faced, so read on to hear some honest thoughts and words of wisdom from Caleb “Wheelin’” Carter (Ranch), Taylor “Fish Face” Jervis (Shores), Austin “Homestar” Langemeier (Silverado), and Rebecca […]

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Snow Day at Camp

by Anna BirchPosted Jan 20, 2021

snowy dock

There’s something extra special about camp covered in fluffy, white snow! Here are a few of our favorite photos from ETX camps when several inches of snow fell in early January.

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A Look Into the Forge

by Anna BirchPosted Jan 20, 2021

Forge laughter

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of the Forge? We asked four current “Forgies”—Ferrin Gillespie, Austin Lim, Mattie Stewart, and Mark Garwood—to share their experience so far in Pine Cove’s leadership development ministry. Take a little behind-the-scenes look (without any spoilers!) at lessons learned and the benefits of the program. […]

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Bible Reading Plan Recommendations

by Anna BirchPosted Jan 5, 2021

Bible reading notes

January often means the start of New Year’s resolutions, and many of us resolve to begin a new Bible reading plan or devotional. If you’re still on the hunt for resources to bolster your time in the Word, we put together a short list of studies, reading plans, and books that we are raving about!  […]

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A Guide to Processing 2020

by Pine CovePosted Dec 29, 2020

2020 Processing Guide

Prefer a printable version? We’ve got that for you right here.  Unexpected. Unpredictable. Uncertain and downright unbelievable. These are a few words to attempt to capture what 2020 has been so far.   For most of us, we started this year with a renewed list of goals and dreams and that expectant feeling that comes from […]

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Christmas-Themed Camp Names

by Anna BirchPosted Dec 16, 2020

Christmas stage

These staffers must be extra excited for Christmas… because their names are about the holiday season! Give a shout-out if you know one of these staffers (or tell us if it’s you!). As one camp name suggests, “Let’s Get Down To Christmas”!  Whether you’re decorating, hosting, or wrapping gifts, you can’t forget these essential items… […]

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