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Author: Zooey Spooner

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Zooey Spooner

Former Summer Staff

Zoey “Rollin’ on Fumes” Spooner served as a first-half counselor and second-half social media coordinator at the Shores for Summer 2013. Zoey was born and raised in West Des Moines, Iowa and studied Hospitality Management at Iowa State University. She enjoys meeting new people, traveling anywhere at anytime, and morning jogs. The grace and beauty of God ignites her joy, inspiring her to share the greatness of His love.

Nations Come Together On Common Shores

by Zooey Spooner

Shores Campers Playing Volleyball

During the previous session of the Shores’ 2-week program, Overflow, we were blessed to welcome two campers from France (a brother and sister) and two campers from Mexico (best friends). Their paths are different, but God united all of our cultures to ultimately learn, grow, and flourish under His name. For Clemence and Aurelien, the […]

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