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Nations Come Together On Common Shores

by Zooey Spooner

Shores Campers Playing Volleyball

During the previous session of the Shores’ 2-week program, Overflow, we were blessed to welcome two campers from France (a brother and sister) and two campers from Mexico (best friends). Their paths are different, but God united all of our cultures to ultimately learn, grow, and flourish under His name.

For Clemence and Aurelien, the brother and sister from France, their adventure at Pine Cove started with a few clicks on our loyal friend Google. Their original motives were to experience a new culture and strengthen their English. So when arriving to the States in a land called Pine Cove Shores, they got just that, PLUS a little bit more.

When reflecting on the biggest cultural difference, they both exclaimed: “FOOD! Eating incredibly often…” And when laughing over their funniest experience since arriving, they agreed on the Overflow bonus of Buffalo Hunt (being surrounded and ambushed by elementary school campers while in a giant pit of mud). But amidst all their fun, what they learned is what will truly stick with them for the rest of their lives: “the Christian life, and more to the Bible.”

Without the knowledge that they were going to a Christian camp for two weeks, God not only taught tremendous lessons to them, but worked through them as well. Clem’s counselor learned these past two weeks “how the gospel and the love and joy of Christ can transcend all cultures and languages.”

Overflow Campers at Buffalo Hunt

For José, one of the friends from Mexico, this was his second year at the Shores. A friend invited him last summer, and now he is back for round 2 his senior year. As he enjoyed week 7, his cabin seized every opportunity to immerse him in the Pine Cove culture by winning the coveted Golden Sweeper (cleanest cabin award) twice! But at the end of the day, he is taking from camp the “passion for God, praying several times in the day, making everyone feel welcome, and the eternal thankfulness and love towards God.”

These past few weeks God has shown us that He is much bigger than Pine Cove, bigger than Texas, and even bigger than our country. God loves all of His children. As a ministry, we are thankful, blessed, and humbled that God is using us to make his name known throughout the world.

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.”
1 Chronicles 16:24

Posted Aug 2, 2013

Zooey Spooner

Former Summer Staff

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