Camp in the City

Suggest A Church

Pine Cove is always looking for potential church partners. If your church is interested in hosting a future Pine Cove Camp in the City, please contact us at We are excited to talk with any church that meets our three basic criteria:

  1. Mission minded: The church must have a desire to glorify God by reaching out to their community with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.
  2. Be able to mobilize its people: The church must be able to get its members excited about assisting in promoting a Camp in the City at their church, be willing to find volunteers to help host camp, and have a desire to follow up with those who attend Camp in the City.
  3. Available facilities: We will need some type of facility to make camp happen, but we never want to tell a potential location no based on facilities. Don't count yourself out! We have learned to be creative.

Hear What Some Church Partners Have Said

There are people in our church today because of the week of Pine Cove who would not be here otherwise. There are people who know the Gospel and have embraced Christ who would not have prior to Pine Cove being here.

Hal Habecker, Senior Pastor

This week was so smooth and he couldn’t wait to back each day. The high energy of the counselors was out of this world!!! Thank you for searching and choosing only the best!!

Crown of Life Lutheran Church Camper Parent

Cost was very reasonable and days were packed with activities that you expect from a true camp, not a VBS or other kind of city day camp. I appreciate that you bring the ‘camp experience’ to the city.

Fellowship of the Parks Camper Parent

If we ever tried to do [Camp in the City], or something like it, on our own, we could not mimic what Pine Cove does with their staff.

Stephen Wickliffe, Associate Pastor of Missional Life

There is a new life in this church family that I have never seen before. You touched the lives of everyone here - from the kids and their parents to the staff and volunteers and even strangers that walked into our church looking for a home. Your energy, your enthusiasm and your faithfulness to serve were life changing.

Brooke Mercer, Director of Children's Ministries

Our children were so excited each day, to come to camp and experience, not just learn, about the love of their father.

Rhonda Dohner, Elementary Pastor

Kids were actively engaged because of your willingness to listen to them, interact with them, and share God’s truths openly with them. Your energy and enthusiasm motivated the kids to be fully involved in participating and learning. You energized our campus and our entire staff.

Analisa Hood, Minister to Children

Hear What Some Host Homes Have Said

My house was so quiet and sad after our counselors left. The amount of joy and laughter they brought into my home in just a few short days, was irreplaceable! It was such an honor for me as a parent to watch my 2 boys interact with 4 college guys that truly loved Jesus.
Having these counselors staying in my home has restored my faith in the ‘end picture’ of my kids choosing to love Jesus even as young adults.
The connection my kids made with their counselors this week is amazing! We are still hearing about it, and can't wait to sign up again.
Thank you for not stopping your ministry when the campers left the building. I bet it could get exhausting at the end of the day to come home and feel like you still needed to invest in the host home families - so THANK YOU for going above and beyond!