Scenic view of trees at camp

Author: Colin Post

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Colin Post

Former Forge Student

Turkish Delight: Origins of an Iconic Camp Game

by Colin Post


The game was more intense than anyone had seen all season, and it was tied with less than a minute remaining. Players cut back and forth across the freshly-cut grass, sweat and dirt flew everywhere, and the fans in attendance either stood anxiously or sat at the edge of their seats. With ten seconds remaining, […]

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Three Spiritually Enriching Resources

by Colin Post


Do you ever feel like you are just too busy to find new Christian resources that are reliable and worth your time? We get it! With school in full swing and the holiday season right around the corner, this time of year can be busy and stressful for a lot of people. Whether you like […]

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The Shorge: Pine Cove’s Newest Collaboration

by Colin Post


Imagine that you are sitting in class. As time ticks by, you glance out the window. Instead of the dry side of the building next door, you see towering, East Texas pine trees. Instead of a boring parking lot, you see a field of luscious green grass. Instead of a stream of random cars passing by, […]

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