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Author: Shelly Roark

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Shelly Roark

Pine Cove Guest Author

Do You Know Your Neighbors?

by Shelly Roark


Do you know your neighbors? We have an entire congregation of them! Galilee Baptist Church sits right across the country road from Pine Cove’s East Texas main office. Members of the congregation and Pine Cove staffers have always been “neighborly” to each other and, a few months back, church members hosted a luncheon for the […]

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A Church Equipped

by Shelly Roark


Rebecca Ross was brand new to the ministry staff at North Metro Church in Marietta, Georgia, when she heard about a kids outreach that was, well… different. “It was my fourth day on the job when a friend of mine called me and said, “There’s this camp you need to learn about,” Rebecca recalls. At […]

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