Ranch Two-Week Experience

Rooted is a program for Ranch campers who want to stay at Pine Cove for not one, but two weeks! During their two weeks, campers will take part in 10 days of their favorite Ranch activities, theme nights, and Bible studies. They will also experience fun activities on Saturday afternoon when all of the one-week campers have gone home. Then on Sunday they will be ready to take on another awesome week of camp!

What is it?

  • Two weeks of camp
  • Same cabin and counselor
  • Ranch activities and theme nights

What to bring (Additional Items)

Campers will need to pack a few additional items listed below. The standard packing list can be found here.

  1. Two sets of clothes that you do not mind throwing away. (For Crud War)
  2. An extra swimsuit.

*Campers will have their laundry taken on Friday to be washed and dried. They will receive their laundry the next day (Saturday).

Rooted Dates

Summer 2017

Session A

June 4 - June 17

Weeks 2 & 3

Ses. A  |  Jun 4 - Jun 17  |  Wks 2 & 3

Session C

July 2 - July 15

Weeks 6 & 7

Ses. C  |  Jul 2 - Jul 15  |  Wks 6 & 7

Rooted Pricing

Sessions A, C  -  $2298