High school campers on a water rocket ride
Shores - Grades 10-12 - Tyler, TX Shores - Grades 10-12 - Tyler, TX

High School

Shores Camp

The Shores sits on the waterfront of the beautiful Lake Palestine. Designed for 10th – 12th grade students, the Shores features counselors your high schooler will actually find interesting, amazing dance parties, and an opportunity to grow closer to God. If you’re looking for gooder, cleaner, funner—you’ve found it!

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Summer Camp Details

At the Shores, we say things like paintball, waverunners, high ropes, warball, giant pool with blob and trapeze. So that when your high schooler leaves, he’ll say things like, “Best week ever!” Or, “I love my new friends!” Or our personal favorite, “God is great!” If you’re ready for some life-changing gooder, cleaner, funner kind of fun, register today!

Campers enjoying the lake activities at the Shores high school camp
high school girl with a huge smile as she jumps into the pool

Day in the Life Video

Check out some epic GoPro footage of what it looks like to be a camper at the Pine Cove Shores.

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Pulse-pounding action as you flip-out and catch air!

high school camper getting huge air, wakeboarding on Lake Palestine


Drift Trikes

There's no more stylish way to get around camp!

high school boys riding drift trikes at the Pine Cove Shores camp


Big Blue

From water basketball to a blob and a giant trapeze, our pool has it all!

Water basketball at the Shores pool


Power Pole

Come see what it feels like to take a leap of faith from 35 feet up!

climbing the power pole at the ropes course


Bike Ramp

Ever ridden a bike off a ramp and into a lake? You will this summer!

Doing a back flip off the bike ramp into the lake



Surf across camp. One wheel. Too much fun.

One Wheel off-road skateboard-like activity



We’re not encouraging espionage. Okay, we totally are. Spies wanted!

Girls wearing camp, preparing for the Espionage night game



You may look like a fool, but it's still an amazing lake activity! #worthit

Tubing behind a ski boat at the Shores


Worry-Free Camping


Fun AND responsible? Yes! They’re just hilarious-er!


Safety first! (And second. And third.) Safety-er!


You guys don’t like dessert or anything, do you? Mmm, delicious-er!


Camp photos up on your phone? 100% gonna happen. Connected-er!

Shores camp director, Taylor Jervis


Taylor Jervis

Taylor “Fish Face” Jervis was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He worked four summers at the Pine Cove Ranch before joining the full–time Bluffs staff in 2011. Two years later, Taylor accepted the role of Men's Director at the Shores. He has served as the Shores Director since 2015. He and his wife, Lacey, have two daughters.


Dining Hall

Dining Hall at Pine Cove Shores



Cabin Exterior at Pine Cove Shores


Cabin Inside

Cabin Interior at Pine Cove Shores



Kavaratti game room at the Shores


Shores Dock

Shores Dock at sunset


Where Are We?

Nestled on the banks of beautiful Lake Palestine right outside of Tyler, Texas, the Shores youth camp is conveniently located just 90 miles east of Dallas and 120 miles from Fort Worth. Coming from Louisiana? We’re just 100 miles west of Shreveport!

“I don’t know why I didn’t come here sooner because it’s the best place on earth.”

Shores Camper

Campers and counselors talking by the lake

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