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Author: Lisa Archinal

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Lisa Archinal

Development & Marketing Executive

Lisa “Over the Edge” Archinal is proud to be a native Texan. A die-hard Baylor Bear and Dallas Cowboys fan, she loves football season. Her first introduction to Pine Cove was through Family Camp in 2003 with her husband and three kids. Since then, her family has branched out to attend day camp, overnight camp, parent/child conferences and more. One of her greatest joys has been serving as a conference speaker. In the fall of 2014, Lisa transitioned from Pine Cove Board Member to Pine Cove staff. Her experience in non-profit marketing and development serves her well as she represents Pine Cove in Houston.

Join the (Work) Crew

by Lisa Archinal


You’ve heard it said that as Christians, we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Pine Cove Work Crews are to Pine Cove’s ministry as the hands and feet are to the body. Volunteers who selflessly serve on Work Crew provide the support and structure needed for our ministry to be effective.  Work […]

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A Letter to Moms with Tween Girls

by Lisa Archinal

Tween Girl Camper

I still remember the day. It was Tuesday, January 25, 2012, and my 12-year-old daughter left me a love note. YES! In a world where tweens are often characterized as moody and aloof, my girl showed evidence of actual connection. Entering the realm of tween parenting, I felt a little like Katniss in “The Hunger […]

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Max’s Summer Training

by Lisa Archinal


When football coaches from the top college programs in the country hear the name Max Wright their ears perk up. As a high school freshman, Max received his first Division I offer. Now as a junior, Max has offers in the double digits from major programs such as Alabama, Georgia and Texas A&M. He’s worked […]

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