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2019 Men’s Conference Recap

by Andrew RogersPosted Jan 29, 2019


This past weekend, over 750 men from multiple churches, small groups, families, and communities gathered at Pine Cove’s Shores and Timbers camps.

Over the course of the weekend, the men had the opportunity to participate in various activities around camp and off site. Some bravely jumped from the heights at the zipline, some played with paintballs and padded arrows, while others practiced their golf swing or honed in on their accuracy at the shooting range. All of the activities were different, but you better believe they were all manly!

insidethecove%2FDSC03553 Fore! Some men took the opportunity to perfect their golf swing

insidethecove%2FDSC03301 Playing archery tag on the Plateau Field at the Timbers

insidethecove%2FDSC03060 Getting ready to race each other on the slick track at the Shores

The weekend was a refreshing time to get away and have some fun, but it was also a time to grow closer to the Lord. Our speaker Jonathan Evans spoke about four men of faith: Abraham, Noah, Joseph, and David. His theme and message for the weekend was centered around calling men to action, to “GO” wherever God calls them and to make His great name known.

insidethecove%2FMC2019_3 There is nothing in the world like 750 men worshipping the Lord together!

insidethecove%2FDSC03412 Getting some time in the word on the Mesa porch at the Timbers

We had the chance to ask a few of the attendees what their biggest take-away from the messages were. Chuck Rowe, a 78 year-old man who came to know the Lord when he was 51, said that his biggest take away was, “Go. There is a world out there that is lost and hurting and we are called as men to go and tell them of the love of Christ. If we don’t go, who will?”

Chuck also had the opportunity to pray for a man who was 51 years old that gave his life to the Lord this weekend, and Chuck was thankful for the opportunity to be able to relate with him!

insidethecove%2FDSC03395 Playing spikeball outside the Wind Cave during free time

insidethecove%2FDSC03587 Serving some freshly smoked meat at the Shores

The weekend came to a conclusion after a few breakout sessions about topics like “glorifying God through your finances” and “racial reconciliation.”

Tom, one of the attendees, said that the topic of glorifying God with your finances was particularly impactful. “The idea of being in prayer daily and taking God to work with you to guide you through the day was something that I want to challenge myself to do,” Tom said.

insidethecove%2FDSC03729 Men enjoying the sunset on the Shores dock

Jonathan closed his last session by going through Acts 13:36. “David served the purposes of God for the benefit of that generation and then he fell asleep.” Jonathan explained: “As men we are called to live for God, so that the generation after us can know God and then we die. That is it. That is our purpose.”

Pine Cove is grateful for the ministry that we are able to do with men, and pray that God allows all of us to continue to live for His purposes and His glory TOGETHER.

Andrew Rogers

Content Coordinator

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